Microsoft’s New Tablet Could Be a MacBook Air Killer

Microsoft Surface 3
The Surface 3 runs Windows 8.1 and costs $499 and up. Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled the Surface 3, the latest version of its tablet that can double as a laptop thanks to a keyboard attachment.

The Surface 3 is a slimmed down, less costly version of the the Surface Pro 3, a tablet that critics welcomed as the first two-in-one device that finally began to deliver on its promise of functioning reasonably well in both laptop and tablet mode.

While Microsoft initially had trouble selling the Surface line, things improved when it began marketing the 2-in-1s as laptop replacements rather than tablets which also boast a laptop mode.

At a starting price of $499, the Surface 3 marks a steep discount on the Surface Pro 3’s $800 price tag. The Surface 3 includes a 10.8-inch display and an Intel Atom x7 processor, which gives it enough juice to run a full version of Windows 8.1 and, coming this summer, Windows 10.

The low cost of entry could also attract buyers unwilling to fork up $899 or more for Apple’s cheapest offering, the $899-and-up 11-inch MacBook Air.

Previous Surface tablets ran Windows RT, a stripped-down operating system for mobile devices that could run apps but not Microsoft’s flagship Windows desktop applications.

Early reviews of the device have welcomed the addition of a full-fledged Windows operating system as a welcome and necessary improvement to the non-pro Surface line.

The Surface 3 is currently available for pre-order at the Microsoft Store, and will hit retail stores by May 7.

Via: Time

  • Tyler Allen

    HaHa, Funny! The future is unix-like, and currently that’s BSD or Linux. Qdos for quick and dirty operating system (later branded DOS) will never compare. DOS is and will always be a cheap unix knock off. You can’t build a quality system on top of a bad foundation. Apple chose BSD to avoid the GPL so it could maintain certain aspects of its software as proprietary. For years microsoft has copied Apple’s GUI. As if only the GUI is all that matters. Companies such as sony have learned first hand what happens if you base servers on IIS (sony pictures hack) and not apache or nginx. unix-like systems control 90+% of mobile devices and 90+% of all supercomputers worldwide. Go to any hackathon in the country and you’ll see the most talented developers either work on apple OS (BSD) or linux OS systems. Go to any coffee shop around any of the top colleges in the world and you’ll see the same. Heck firefox just got 64-bit support for windows this year! The best developers left long ago! The only people who still use windows are out of touch old men or people who spend way to much time playing video games!