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Posted on Sep 27 2013 01:20 AM by xper in Software

Microsoft Message Analyzer is a new tool for capturing, displaying, and analyzing protocol messaging traffic and other system messages. Message Analyzer also enables you to import, aggregate, and analyze data from log and trace files. It is the success...

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Posted on Sep 27 2013 12:00 AM by xper in Guides

A slow wireless connection, it's not fun but it can happen to any of us. We will show you how to perform first-aid next time your home network has an attack of sluggishness. After reading this article you'll be ready to start tinkering around the inner...

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Posted on Sep 26 2013 11:47 AM by xper in Security

Just days after the first release of iOS 7, 7.0 that is, the folks at Apple saw some intrepid explorers bypass the basic lockscreen security of the software. Today the fix is in – iOS 7.0.2 is available for iOS devices of all kinds...

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Posted on Sep 26 2013 08:29 AM by xper in Software

Bill Gates had a chat with David Rubenstein, Harvard Campaign co-chair for a Harvard fundraising campaign. In that Gates revealed that it was a mistake to force users to use hold down “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to log into their computers and he also b...

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Posted on Sep 26 2013 01:08 AM by xper in Software

German software developer Ashampoo has released Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014,a full-featured antivirus tool which combines the Bitdefender and Emsisoft engines to help keep you safe online. The package offers all the core functionality youd expect from a...

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Posted on Sep 26 2013 12:59 AM by xper in Security

Microsoft has admitted Windows users should install antivirus above and beyond its own Security Essentials, describing its protection as merely a "baseline" that will "always be on the bottom" of antivirus software rankings. Microsoft launched Securit...

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Posted on Sep 25 2013 03:13 PM by xper in Windows

Charms, Hot Corners, Semantic Zoom: These are just a few of the new features waiting to be discovered on Microsoft’s Windows 8.1. Being the tech-savvy reader that you are, you want to be up to date with all the latest and most popular apps, right...

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Posted on Sep 25 2013 09:00 AM by xper in Mobile

Samsung has revealed it will release a smartphone featuring a curved display in October. Speaking at a launch event for the Galaxy Note 3 phablet in Seoul, Samsung mobile exec D.J. Lee said: "We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in S...

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Posted on Sep 24 2013 10:16 AM by xper in Windows

How to keep running legacy installations of Windows XP after Microsoft stops supporting it in 2014. Microsoft to withdraw support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 in July 2014: what it means?   The end of support for Windows XP doesn't mean that...

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Posted on Sep 23 2013 02:32 PM by xper in Mobile

Sprint will sell the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch starting Friday, October 4, the carrier confirmed on Monday. The 5.7-inch smartphone will cost an enormous $349.99 with a new two-year service agreements or for customers eligible fo...

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