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7 Reasons to Migrate to Windows 7
Posted on Feb 09 2011 05:22 AM by xper in Guides

If you’re straddling the fence, what’s your reason for not upgrading to Windows 7? Many IT managers wait for the first service pack before deploying an OS upgrade; others update the operating system as part of a hardware refresh. Here are some advantages to upgrading to Windows 7 sooner rather than later.

Microsoft's enterprise desktop operating system has a long-term pattern of OS upgrades: Windows 7 is the long-term successor to Windows XP, just as XP was the clear successor to NT 4.0.

Each of these was the golden child of the Microsoft machine, blessed with prime market positioning, lack of extreme overhauls and sporting a high level of polish. As the latest entrant, Windows 7 is here to stay and adoption rates are already very high.

Once you accept that Windows 7 is coming to your environment sometime over the next several years then the question truly becomes: "What are you waiting for?" The sooner that you get Windows 7 in place, the sooner you can make the transition and the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of the latest technologies. Most shops are moving from XP to 7 today.

Migrating to Windows 7 earlier gives your users maximum time to adapt to it and giving you more time to take advantage of its features.

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