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A Quick Reference Sheet for Internet Explorer 7

There are many great shortcuts in IE7 - two of my favorites are CTRL+E to quickly access the Search box and ALT+D to select the Address bar. Shortcuts are wonderful things and once you start using them you will quickly begin to wonder how you ever lived without them. But how do you discover these shortcuts? And what if you forget them?

We’ve created this sheet to bring together keyboard shortcuts and directions for common tasks in one, easy to access location. Rather than provide an exhaustive listing of ALL the IE shortcuts (there are a lot!), we focused on outlining only the ones that perform the most popular actions within the browser. Limiting the scope in this way allowed us to create a document that can be printed on a single page of paper, which you can keep handy near your computer as you browse the web.

View: A Quick Reference Sheet for Internet Explorer 7


Aug 25 2006 01:59 AM
Kewl, I even learnt a few things I didn't already know, like that you can preset the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER key to a specific domain type, (.org, .net, etc.) Although, I'd like to see you be able to map a second one as well, this way I can have .net and .org already setup. Anyone know the one to open IE from the desktop? It used to be WindowsKey+I, I thought, but that no longer works. :(
Found a nasty trick in a chat room based on Microsofts own ocx client is that the backspace key in the chat client does not backspace over your text, rather it back pages (as per IE7's keyboard shortcut)

Too much of a good thing perhaps??