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Beat the heat: Prepare your PC for summer

Computers hate heat. So this summer, be sure to think about keeping your computer cool. Computer components themselves run hot, and yet they're not designed to operate above a certain temperature. When the temperature outside gets uncomfortable for humans, you can be sure that your computer isn't liking the situation any better. So for a trouble-free summer of computing, take steps now to ensure that your PC stays cool.

In a sense, fans are a computer's most important component. Without them, your computer's processor, memory, and other vital parts would overheat and eventually fail or cause your computer to slow down or to start behaving erratically.

So at least once a year - and the beginning of summer is a good time - you should inspect the fans in your computer to ensure that they're operating, and you should also clean them, for all fans collect dust and function less efficiently as a result.

Full story: M & C