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Build The Ultimate Microsoft Windows Home Media Center

A Windows Vista PC is all you need to set up a high-definition entertainment system complete with digital video recorder, jukebox, photo viewer, gaming, and more. An HDTV alone does not a home theater make. For media junkies and coach potatoes alike, the gateway to living-room nirvana is a media center -- a PC running Microsoft Vista, which serves as a digital video recorder, DVD player, jukebox, photo viewer, game system, and more.

Believe it or not, nearly any off-the-shelf desktop can play this role, though you may need to stock it with a few upgrades and extras to fully leverage its capabilities. Let's take a look at what a media center can do for your home theater and learn how to build one that's the envy of the neighborhood.

Full story: InformationWeek


An HDTV alone does not a home theater make

Try: "A HDTV alone does not make a home theater."
Umm, the way he said it was exactly correct.
Seems more like an 'infomercial' plugging most of the hardware needed eg a bluray optical drive

What they fail to mention re Vista being the all in one OS for HTPC use is that you also have to pay Cyberlink/Arcsoft and obscene amount of $ to play those HD titles