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Do-it-yourselfers tend to be a tiny bit more hands-on than your average PC user, and by tiny bit, in this case I mean a whole heck of a lot. We might not actively scoff at the idea of other people purchasing a readymade PC off the shelf, or even configuring your own name-brand PC in as much as you're allowed to on sites that sell them—but for our own purposes, we're driven to build.

Building your own computer shatters the limitations that brand-name PC vendors place on your component decisions—you can toss any darn part you want into the PC of your dreams, compatibility allowing. Of course, you're also charged with knowing which parts are in each of your builds, the clock frequencies you've set if you overclocked them.

As a builder, you also have to keep track of the warranty information for each component in your PC. If you'd bought a brand-name computer and something fails, it's not your problem to identify the source of the failure; you just tell the tech support people, get an RMA (Returned Materials Authorization), and send your baby off to the repair shop.

Full story: ExtremeTech