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Speed Up Windows Vista

The flash and polish of Windows Vista seduced you, but so far the glamorous interface is just sucking the life out of your PC. Fear not, this guide has everything you need to turn Vista into the beautiful *and* speedy OS you were dreaming of.

Keep in mind though, that, while these tips can help you speed up Windows and recover hard drive space, you aren't going to see the sort of speed boost you'd get from upgrading your hardware. If you're unhappy, for instance, with the speed of Vista on a machine where Windows XP used to scream, these tips will help. But you might want to consider a new graphics card, more RAM and perhaps even a faster processor.

Full story: Wired


IMHO, all you need to do to speedup Vista is:

1. install SP1
2. disable Aero
3. disable the Widget Sidebar
I like to install SP1 still waiting to get it.

but why disable Aero it work great for me, on my new and my older system.

I do agreed that the sidebar is bad. MS would have been better to keep work on the office side bar it was at less better and I didn't find that it took up much RAM.
Speed Up Vista on Older Machines (?)
Well then maybe you shouldn't have installed Vista on that old machine.

What were you thinking?

Why It vista works great on my old system.

works better with now i got SP1

I don't understand why ever one said vista is bad.

I love it works great on both of my system, and works even better with SP1
disabling system restore, hibernation, windows defender real-time protection

thats what i do on a vista system, and use tweakuac or disable uac
I'll have to give that ago.

I didn't think of those ones/