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Zvue Players Go Microsoft DRM Friendly

Dec 29 2005 05:39 AM | xper in Hardware

Handheld Entertainment, makers of the Zvue portable media player, today announced their device was joining the ranks of players which support Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management copyright protections. This reportedly makes their players the first Win...

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Zune Set to Make First Appearance

Sep 13 2006 06:57 PM | Martin L in Hardware

Microsoft's highly-anticipated "Zune" portable media device is set to make its first official appearance at an invite-only press event Thursday. The unveiling will follow the introduction of a completely revamped iPod lineup by Apple just two days earl...

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Zune here in time for Christmas?

Jan 22 2007 06:45 AM | Martin L in Hardware

The Microsoft Zune - a much-hyped rival to Apple's iPod - could be available in Europe in time for Christmas 2007. Jason Reindorp, Zune marketing director, told Reuters Redmond was not ready to announce an official launch date but is reported to have s...

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Zalman Reserator XT: Effective, Quiet, Stylish and Expensive Cooling Solution

Nov 20 2007 11:25 PM | Mercury_22 in Hardware

We are testing the third version of the liquid cooling system from the famous Korean company. We are going to discuss all its pros and cons as well as the differences from the previous generation systems. Showcased in early spring at CeBIT 2007, the Za...

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Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu Heatsink Review

Aug 03 2006 10:54 PM | Martin L in Hardware

In this review FrostyTech will be testing out the successor to the Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu heatsink, the CNPS7000B-Cu. While the names may have changed very little, it's clear by looking at the heatsinks that the company has made a few minor revisions here...

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You Call That a Keyboard? The AlphaGrip AG-5

Apr 13 2006 10:48 PM | xper in Hardware

The AlphaGrip AG-5 is, in fact, a handheld keyboard that looks very much like a game controller overloaded with buttons. Don't think of it as a game controller that just so happens to let you type, though; it is in fact a legitimate alternative to a st...

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Yet Another AMD EOL Notification

Jul 12 2006 12:36 AM | xper in Hardware

We received another AMD PCN this morning claiming end-of-life on the rest of AMD’s Socket 939 lineup. The last two Socket 939 products in AMD's stable will be the Athlon 64 X2 4200+ and 4600+. These two processors will reach end-of-life on June 30th, 2...

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Yahoo's free software turns PC into DVR

Apr 26 2006 04:08 AM | xper in Hardware

Yahoo has released a beta version of software that turns a PC into a digital video recorder. The software, Yahoo Go for TV, is free to download. After the software is installed, people plug their computer into their television's video and audio input c...

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Yahoo and Linksys to Offer VOIP Cordless Phone

Nov 09 2006 09:44 PM | xper in Hardware

Yahoo and Linksys announced on Nov. 9 that they have joined forces on a new dual-mode cordless phone that will allow users to make and receive VOIP calls using Yahoo Messenger as well as calls over a traditional phone line. The Linksys dual-mode co...

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XSATA - The Ultimate XB360 Hard Drive Space Saver

Apr 12 2006 12:11 PM | xper in Hardware

The problem with the Xbox 360’s built-in hard drive is it just isn’t big enough. 12GB of usable space might be sufficient for the casual gamer, but the hardcore joypad juggler needs more. With XSATA, the latest devious device from Datel, you can free u...

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