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Are you ready for 3D computers? New Microsoft UI patent

With the surging popularity of 3D movies and 3D TVs, it’s only a matter of time until computers go 3D, right? Microsoft last month got approval for a patent on a three-dimensional user interface (PDF). And it’s different from the “multi-dimensional desktop” patent (PDF) for which Apple applied four years ago.

Apple’s proposed 3D desktop essentially just gives perceived depth to the UI we all know now. Diagrams in the patent application show a theoretical display as if it were a shallow box, with a backing and sides extending inward from the edges of a computer screen.

The signature Mac OS X dock, where users can place shortcuts, goes in the foreground; other icons can stack up from near to far; items can be pinned to the “walls”; and windows can pop up in the foreground or background, and wrap around the sides. It’s easier to visualize if you see Apple’s diagrams.

But Microsoft, according to its new patent (granted April 5), is thinking more in terms of three-dimensional environment than just 3D icons. Microsoft’s multi-dimensional workspace extends much deeper behind the computer screen, creating a virtual office the user can “walk” through, and separating different tasks into “rooms” among which the user can switch.

More @ blog.seattlepi.com


So is M$ trying to revive Microsoft BOB??? Thats what it looks like anyway.
Hey what's wrong with MS BOB??? I still have a copy around somewhere. That was purrty 3D if you ask me! - DD