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Kingston SSDNow V100 64GB review

Every time we think about hard drives, we get all nervous. Hundreds of our favourite gigabytes sit on a silver platter that spins at thousands of revolutions per minute, and a tiny electromagnet writes our information onto the platter for safekeeping. But it doesn't feel all that safe, despite the fact that, in reality, it's very rare to suffer problems with traditional hard drives. Solid-state drives should make us feel much more at ease then. They don't spin, they have no delicate moving parts and they generally feel more reliable than traditional hard drives, which have been around since the dawn of PCs.

So, when Kingston asked if we'd like to see its new range of budget SSDs, we were intrigued. How easy is it to move over to an SSD, and is it worth it? Will it speed up our system? We asked the company to send a cheap, low-capacity SSD so we could find out. The 64GB Kingston SSDNow V100 SSD is available for around £95.

This 64GB drive isn't aimed at people who want to store tonnes of data. Indeed, SSDs aren't really suitable for storing very large volumes of data at the moment. The largest capacity available, as we write this, is around 500GB. At a shade under £1,000, we can't see many of those being sold.

The 64GB V100 works in Windows or Linux systems with a small existing drive that handles only the operating-system install and your installed applications -- with games getting more and more enormous, we suspect the V100 won't be ideal for people who want to use it for gaming. Happily, our test PC currently has a 50GB Windows partition, so this 64GB drive is a modest improvement on that and a good replacement.

If you run your PC in this way, and you're happy to pay more for an SSD than you would for a 1.5TB HDD, then you're likely to be interested in this little gadget.

Full review: C|Net