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USB 3.0 and the Future of Computing

The 5Gbps USB 3.0 blows the competition out of the water and is going to start the external wave of the future. USB 3.0 is a bit overdue, and I'm not exactly sure why. It essentially changes the game for computing and perhaps that is the reason. Nobody wants to get this wrong.

Here is the progression of the various USB initiatives. USB 1.0 came out first and was quickly challenged by Firewire whose impetus came from Apple. Macs are the primary tool for professional video editing and the company needed more output from ancillary disk to do video well. Firewire was essentially aimed at this market.

Depending on the architecture, the original USB could deliver between 1.5 Mbps to 40 Mbps. Firewire showed up at 400 Mbps.

The USB folks countered with USB 2.0. It delivered 480 Mbps, obviously trying to barely outdo Firewire. The Firewire folks countered with an upgrade to Firewire which delivered 800 Mbps.

We are now at very functional speeds. Hanging in there was SCSI, which produced the Ultra3 SCSI at 1280 Mbps. Meanwhile, Firewire pushed out 1600 Mbps and then 3200 Mbps.

Screw all that. This year the USB folks said that version 3.0 will pump out 5 Gbps. Cripes!

Full story: PC MAG