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VGA Given 5 Years to Live

VGA, or video graphics array, has been with PCs almost since the get-go, but an agreement between AMD and Intel may spell doom for the technology within five years. The companies have agreed to begin abandoning VGA in favor of technologies like DisplayPort and HDMI. The decision was made due to the relatively bulky hardware VGA requires as well as the additional features digital technologies offer.

The VGA port, the connection that's bridged computers to their monitors almost from the birth of the PC industry, is on its way out.

Chip manufacturers Intel and AMD, with backing from various computer vendors, have announced their support for the venerable technology will be phased out by 2015.

They will speed up the adoption of DisplayPort and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports instead.

These newer technologies take up less real estate on laptops, have lower power consumption than VGA ports and support higher screen resolutions. They also support digital technology, which VGA doesn't -- thus paving the way for richer apps on PCs.

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