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XFX Radeon HD 7850 Black Edition 2GB Video Card Review

Attached Image: 4766_02_xfx_radeon_hd_7850_black_edition_2gb_video_card_review.jpg

With Computex Taipei 2012 over it's time to get back into the swing of things and the first item that's getting on this train comes from XFX and is part of the popular Black Edition video card series, a series that we've really begun to love since we started looking at a number of HD 7000 based video cards under the name.

Today the exact video card we're looking at is the XFX HD 7850 Black Edition. AMD's Radeon HD 7850 is of course one of those models that we've really praised since its introduction. The continued fact that NVIDIA continue to offer nothing in this price range under the new GEFORCE 600 series name also means it's given AMD a chance to run with it.

As always, though, there's a number of things we need to do before we can check out the performance of the HD 7850 Black Edition from XFX and the first thing is we need to know what's going on with the bundle. Once we've done that we'll move onto the video card itself and see what kind of setup this Black Edition model offers.

Before we get into the testbed and performance side of things we need to quickly take a look at the specifications. Being part of the Black Edition series means it comes overclocked out of the box. We need to find out just what kind of overclock is on offer, though. So with all that said let's get into the package side of things.

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