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Facebook back up after short but widespread outage

Jun 19 2014 07:13 AM | xper in Internet

Facebook's website went down temporarily on Thursday, showing an error screen when users attempted to log on to the social network. "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can," read the error message, which was...

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F.C.C., in a Shift, Backs Fast Lanes for Web Traffic

Apr 25 2014 03:33 PM | xper in Internet

The principle that all Internet content should be treated equally as it flows through cables and pipes to consumers looks all but dead. The Federal Communications Commission said on Wednesday that it would propose new rules that allow companies like Di...

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Highest Quality HD Now Available To All Netflix Members

Sep 27 2013 02:22 AM | xper in Internet

All Netflix members, regardless of their Internet service provider (ISP), now have access to the highest quality HD streams available on Netflix.    This means that the great TV shows and movies on Netflix will look even better on HD screens...

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SkyDrives new 200 GB plan: Upgrade For $100 Per Year

Sep 23 2013 11:13 AM | xper in Internet

We’ve all witnessed the rapid proliferation of devices in our lives over the past few years, and I don’t know about you, but my files are also increasingly scattered—from my phone to my home PC, to my tablet. And these files are prett...

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Get 50GB of AT&T Locker cloud storage for free

Jul 17 2013 01:35 PM | xper in Internet

AT&T is getting into the cloud-storage game -- and giving away free upgrades to entice new customers. Normally, signing up for an AT&T Locker account nets you 5GB of free cloud storage. However, for a limited time, you can get your account upgraded to 50GB at no charge. 

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Australian electronics dealer starts 'Internet Explorer 7 Tax'

Jun 15 2012 08:42 AM | xper in Internet

Do you use an older version of Internet Explorer? If so, be aware that a sizeable minority of the Internet thinks you're behind the times. Microsoft itself has a site dedicated solely to watching IE6 die, and even that's not good enough for...

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Dropbox to kill off public folders?

Jun 15 2012 06:38 AM | xper in Internet

Dropbox's public folders might soon be a thing of the past. According to German site Mobiflip (Translate), Dropbox has e-mailed developers, informing them that as of August 1, public folders will no longer be supported by the service. Public folder...

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Web 2.0: New Internet domains may include '.lol,' '.bank'

Jun 13 2012 01:55 AM | xper in Internet

If Google has its way, you won't need "Google.com" to do your searches. You can simply go to ".Google." New York City wants Internet addresses ending in ".nyc," while several companies and groups are looking to create "....

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ISPs Have to Identify Alleged Pirates, EU Court Rules

Apr 19 2012 10:06 PM | xper in Internet

A dispute over whether a Swedish ISP can be forced to hand over the details of one its subscribers to an anti-piracy group has just received its long-awaited ruling from the Europe’s highest court. A few moments ago the ECJ announced that there are no...

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How SOPA would affect you: FAQ

Jan 18 2012 04:32 PM | xper in Internet

When Rep. Lamar Smith announced the Stop Online Piracy Act in late October, he knew it was going to be controversial. But the Texas Republican probably never anticipated the broad and fierce outcry from Internet users that SOPA provoked over the last f...

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