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Cyberthugs, Run as Fast as You Can: FBI Is On a Victorious Roll
Posted on Jun 26 2011 10:21 AM by xper in Internet

While I don't always agree with some of the actions taken by the FBI, not all agents are partaking in warrantless surveillance and we need to cheer the FBI "good guys." These FBI agents are just as important and heroic as our troops in keeping our great nation safe. Like some kind of modern-day cyber cowboys, the feds have come out with cyberguns blazing, blowing away bad guys in cyberspace. Here are some of the very busy FBI agents very big white hat wins lately.

In unprecedented move in April, the FBI was granted the authority to seize control of Coreflood Botnet and to send commands to individual PCs that were infected in order to tell the machines to stop running the botnet and remotely disable Coreflood. The FBI had replaced Coreflood servers with a sinkhole server it controlled. Then it collected IP addresses of malware infected machines that were communicating with criminals' servers, thereby aiding cybercriminals' schemes to commit wire and bank fraud.

Krebs on Security reported the "FBI scrubbed 19,000 PCs snared by Coreflood Botnet" and posted a court-filed declaration of this FBI victory by Kenneth Keller, special agent with the FBI Cyber Crime Squad [PDF].

After "Identifiable Victims" gave their permission, the FBI issued 19,000 uninstall commands to approximately 24 infected computers without any adverse consequences to those machines. Keller said Coreflood Botnet has been reduced by more than 95%, in part due to the FBI notifying "hundreds of Identifiable Victims" as well as involving about 25 of the largest US ISPs, overseas law enforcement, and anti-virus vendors.

More @ PC World

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okay, okay....i wanted to be an fbi agent when i was a kid...hats off to the "good-guys" FBI! ;D