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Facebook Shutting Down March 15?: Don’t believe a word of it
Posted on Jan 09 2011 03:05 PM by xper in Internet

We’ve heard some crazy rumors in our time here at OSM but possibly the most unbelievable we’ve heard so far is the one that’s going viral across the internet right now which says that Facebook, the popular social networking site, is shutting down. Not only that but the rumors also state a date of March 15.

Now, call me stupid but I’m prepared to stick my neck on the line here and say this is rumor and simply that. Not for one moment do I believe it but I can tell you more about the rumor that’s sweeping the globe and worrying an awful lot of people who are working themselves up into rather a frenzy about it. Google Trends is seeing big mentions of Facebook shutting down and it’s also causing Twitter mayhem as the rumor says fairly emphatically that Facebook is not merely temporarily halted or undergoing maintenance, but completely ending once and for all.

Over on The Huffington Post, Craig Kannalley reports some of the reaction going on at Twitter and Facebook where a group to stop the closing down has already been set up. It’s possible that the rumors started with an amalgamation of things that got confused and made people add up one and one to make three.

Firstly Yahoo announced that Yahoo Video was to cease the upload of videos on March 15 so that may be where the date comes from. Secondly a recent CNN blog post reporting on the Goldman Sachs investment into Facebook said it could be “the beginning of the end”

Full story: Online Social Media

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