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Four Things Google Plus Could Do To Fix Google Plus

Saturday’s Google+ user account deletion purge plunged the new social network into a crisis of user trust. The community wants it fixed. Saturday’s deletion of multiple Google+ user accounts spanned from well-known tech figures to ordinary netizens. It was ostensibly over Google Plus’ enforcement of using so-called “real names.”

Google+ remained silent, and combined with contradictory actions over the weekend it’s now a trust trainwreck, a growing PR shadow and a textbook-case community management nightmare.

Other social networks are now probably laughing into their morning coffee, while Google+ users are most certainly both furious and frightened.

Google+ is not warning users before deleting user accounts, and some people have reported being locked out of all Google services, including docs and Gmail.

Google+ has told some users they can now only use the names on their government ID’s for their Plus profiles. Currently the policy asks that your display name is what your “friends, family, and coworkers” call you. Requiring ID seems to contradict the stated policy.

Some users were able to find favor with Google employees off of Google+ and have their accounts restored. Privileged Plussers like celebrity Arianna Huffington got the immediate and personal restoration of her account by a Google+ Community Manager while others were told to seek help in forums or submit a request for review.

By Sunday, entire posts on Google+ became dedicated to documenting double-standards users witnessed.

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