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ImageShack Blocking Users From Certain Countries (Don't Use ImageShack)
Posted on Mar 05 2011 06:13 PM by xper in Internet

Starting Feb 22, 2011 (?) ImageShack has been enforcing a new policy that requires Site Owners and those outside USA, Canada and the European Union to register to them in order to be able to view any images stored there. This amouts to effectively IP banning most of the World, and serving frozen frogs (see samples below), instead of the intended pictures, to those included in the ban.

In fact, however, the implementation of the ban was also sloppily implemented, in that, most of the time, the "unregistered domain" frozen frog is served, even when the "country requires logging in" frozen frog should have been served, thus adding a confusioning element as to why the intended image was not served.

Attached Image: blocked_frog.jpg Attached Image: unreg_frog.jpg

While we consider that ImageShack has the right to adopt whatever policy it deems adequate and desirable, here at MSFN, which is a forum that congregates people from every part of the world, we're now asking our users who rely on ImageShack to move their images to altenative hosting severs who believe in serving information equally to everybody, such as PhotoBucket, imgur and Rightload, so as to preserve the integrity of this Forum in contents and structure, as well as its availability to all.

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