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Take advantage of Dropbox revised terms of service with SecretSync

On Friday, Dropbox revised its terms of service, privacy policy and security overview documents. Although the updates are designed to make Dropbox's T&Cs simpler and easier to understand, it has reignited the debate that first surfaced when Dropbox announced it was changing its terms and conditions to allow it to hand over data if required to do so by the authorities.

In its defense, Dropbox has always recommended software to let users encrypt their data before its uploaded to Dropbox's servers, thereby protecting their data even if Dropbox was forced to hand it over. TrueCrypt is one such solution, and BoxCryptor is another, and now there's a third option available for Linux and Windows users in the form of SecretSync.

The cheapest solution is undoubtedly TrueCrypt, but it can be fiddly to install and set up. BoxCryptor is designed to make the process as simple as possible, and its competitive pricing (2GB free, unlimited encryption for a one-off fee) also works in its favor. But sadly BoxCryptor only works on Windows machines.

SecretSync, currently in public beta, follows a similar approach to BoxCryptor, but has the added benefit of working on Linux machines as well as Windows. An OS X build for Macs is also planned.

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