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HTC Flyer tablet specs leaked
Posted on Jan 26 2011 09:31 AM by xper in Mobile

IS HTC going to get its tablet business off to a Flyer? Well, it might just have a go - with rumoured specs hitting the web that suggest the codenamed Flyer could be a Galaxy Tab rival rather than one to bother the Motorola Xoom.

If you are to believe "unnamed sources", the HTC Flyer, according to website Androidguys.com, is supposedly a 7-inch tablet, that will run Froyo or Gingerbread upon launch, with a chance of Honeycomb update coming down the line.

It will have HTC Sense thrown over the Android OS, but with a "desktop feel" - which apparently means slightly different menu and screen set ups to fit the extra screen real-estate better says the report.

In terms of hardware Android Guys are suggesting 1GB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, although there's no mention as to what CPU will be powering the 7-incher.

Other tit-bits include the gem that it will be "pretty light" will boast a "powerful battery" and it'll come with a stylus.

A possible April launch is being talked about, but we think that we'll have a better idea after MWC (that big mobile phone trade show you're hearing a lot about in February) - so keep you eyes peeled to Pocket-lint for further updates.

Source: pocket-lint.com

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