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Microsoft confirms move to align Windows & Windows Phone

Microsoft held a major Windows Phone 7-themed event yesterday and showed off both the Samsung Focus Flash and Focus S along with what they’re billing as the world’s largest cell phone. (Why MS felt the need to build a giant, six-story version of a device that’s meant to fit in your pocket is an interesting, if somewhat off-topic question).

Along with showcasing the new devices, the VP of the Windows Phone Management Program, Joe Belfiore, discussed Redmond’s plans to align launch schedules and product development between Windows and Windows Phone 7.

“The Windows team has made announcements about the platform for Windows 8. It’s based on XAML and C#, which is the same language run-time as we have on the phone. Over time you’ll see these things be aligned. We’ll have a tool story that’s great for developers, but we have not yet made any announcements about future versions of Windows Phone,” Belfiore said.

The implication of Belfiore’s comments is that we’ll see a greater degree of overlap between Windows 8 and future WP7 software. Microsoft’s new WinRT framework, as we’ve previously discussed, is designed to drive Metro UI-style experiences using several languages. Aligning software development, however, isn’t the same thing as unifying the code base between WP7 and Windows 8.

The former makes sense given Microsoft’s current status as a niche player in the smartphone industry, while the latter is premature given the current state of Windows 8.

Full story: ExtremeTech