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Microsoft explains Windows phone 7 'phantom data'
Posted on Jan 20 2011 02:59 PM by xper in Mobile

Microsoft has confirmed that some handsets running its Windows Phone 7 software are sending and receiving "phantom data". Earlier this year, users complained on net forums that their phones were automatically eating into their monthly data plans without their knowledge.

Microsoft said its investigation found that most problems were caused by an unnamed "third party" service.

However, it said it was still looking into other potential faults.

"We are in contact with the third party to assist them in making the necessary fixes," a spokesperson said.

The firm also said that it was looking into "potential workarounds" until the issue was solved.

"At this point in our investigation, we believe this is responsible for most of the reported incidents.

It said that the problem seemed to only affect "a small (low single-digit) percentage of Windows Phone customers".

'Root cause'

The problem surfaced in early January with some owners of phones running Windows Phone 7, claiming that their phone was sending "between 30 and 50MB of data" every day; an amount that would eat into a 1GB allowance in 20 days.

Most complainants were based in the US.

Full article: BBC

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