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Zero Day Bug Bypasses Windows User Account Control

Nov 29 2010 11:14 AM | xper in Security

Multiple versions of Microsoft Windows are vulnerable to a previously undisclosed, zero-day buffer-overflow vulnerability that would allow an attacker to gain system-level privileges and take control of the PC. According to security research firm Vupen...

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Windows zero-day surfaces as researcher releases attack code

Feb 15 2011 05:25 PM | xper in Security

A security researcher yesterday disclosed a new unpatched bug in Windows that some experts believe could be used to remotely hijack a PC. Microsoft said it is investigating the flaw, but provided no information on any analysis it's conducted thus f...

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Windows malware threatens bank accounts

May 11 2011 01:12 PM | xper in Security

Web access security provider Trusteer has identified a Microsoft Windows malware platform that it says has “morphed” into a threat that attacks North American financial institutions and their customer accounts. The trojan, dubbed “Sunspot,” has been in...

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Wikileaks 'hacked ahead of secret US document release'

Nov 28 2010 10:51 AM | xper in Security

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks says it has come under attack from a computer-hacking operation, ahead of a release of secret US documents. "We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack," it said on its Twitter feed earl...

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Why Microsoft should push Security Essentials to freeloaders

Nov 11 2010 01:29 AM | xper in Security

Microsoft is continually looking for new ways to ‘encourage’ Windows freeloaders to pay up and go legal, but limiting Microsoft  Security Essentials to a 30-day trial is a bad move. <a href="http://www.winrumors...on-by-passers/" target=...

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WebGL flaws give hackers a new point of entry (FF, Chrome)

May 10 2011 04:38 AM | xper in Security

Security researchers at the U.K.'s Context Information Security have identified serious flaws in the WebGL graphics standard used by default in Firefox 4 and Google Chrome; they're also available in Apple's Safari browser. The researchers r...

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Unpatched DLL bugs let hackers exploit Windows 7 and IE9, says researcher

May 07 2011 01:21 AM | xper in Security

Although Microsoft has patched multiple DLL load hijacking vulnerabilities since last summer, Windows and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) can still be exploited, a security company warned today. Microsoft confirmed that it's investigating the claims by S...

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Twitter warns on passwords after spam attack

Dec 13 2010 04:42 PM | xper in Security

A spam attack on Twitter shows why it's wise to use different passwords for Internet accounts. Twitter said Monday that hackers broke into an unspecified number of accounts and sent spam promoting acai berry drinks. Twitter says the passwords came...

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Twitter spam used to spread rogue security software

Apr 19 2012 09:24 PM | xper in Security

A new spam campaign is promoting fake antivirus software through hundreds of fake or compromised Twitter accounts and thousands of tweets, warn security researchers. Anyone following the malicious links will receive an alert about malicious activitie...

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Turkey Cracks Down On Anonymous Hacking Group With 32 Arrests

Jun 15 2011 01:06 AM | xper in Security

Turkey arrested 32 people allegedly connected to the hacker group Anonymous after members launched a series of denial-of-service attacks that shut down Turkish government and telecom Web sites. Turkish officials reportedly apprehended the individuals M...

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