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iTunes hack goes global, new affected games identified
Posted on Jun 08 2011 12:27 PM by xper in Security

As coverage of the apparent hack of the iTunes Music Store expands, so have the reports from readers. The newest round of reports indicate that the issue is not limited to the US: Betanews has been able to identify victims in at least five foreign countries. Worse yet? It's no longer just Sega's Kingdom Conquest anymore: several other games have now been identified.

To date, reports have been received primarily from the US. However, since then reports have been received from Britain, Ireland, and Germany. Betanews has also been able to source reports through its investigation to New Zealand and Canada as well. Since the reports are not centered to one particular region per se, it's likely this has become a worldwide problem for Apple.

Reader reports also have begun to become more diverse in the games they describe to be the source of their woes. In addition to Kingdom Conquest, fraudulent transactions have been sourced to Storm8's World War, and Kamagame's Texas Poker. An investigation continues into whether or not other titles could be affected.

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