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PayPal users fall victim to phishing attack

PayPal customers have fallen victim to a phishing scam that has emanated from Hungary and is one of the more genuine looking phishing attempts in recent times.
The phishing email makes the erroneous claim that the recipient has sent a payment of £47.00 to JD Sports Ltd and encourages them to click to “view the details of this transaction online”.
Upon clicking the link it takes the user to a page that appears almost identical to the PayPal site. That is until the website user glances at the address bar and notices the URL, which is actually one stolen from a Hungarian site that specialises in dog protection suits that was recently hacked.
Graham Cluley, an independent computer security analyst, explains on his blog that the site’s servers have been hacked into and that whoever is behind it has “planted a bogus PayPal home page”.
He explained that the site isn’t doing enough to protect against this type of hacking and as such was always going to be vulnerable to an attack of this ilk.
Phishing has been a problem for money handling services for some time with hackers always on the look out to compromise customer security when it comes to banking.
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