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Turkey Cracks Down On Anonymous Hacking Group With 32 Arrests

Turkey arrested 32 people allegedly connected to the hacker group Anonymous after members launched a series of denial-of-service attacks that shut down Turkish government and telecom Web sites. Turkish officials reportedly apprehended the individuals Monday during a series of raids in 12 of the country's provinces.

The raids occurred Sunday, following just days after Anonymous issued a series of denial-of-service attacks on several Turkish government Web sites and telecoms, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Anonymous is a loosely organized group of hackers, located around the world, known for co-ordinating denial of service attacks on high profile organizations and governments. The attacks bombard a Web site with more data than it can handle, effectively causing the system to crash.

The group said in blog post that it had launched the denial of service attacks in Turkey as a way to protest the government’s routine practice of Internet censorship. The distributed denial-of-service attacks used a co-ordinated network of Low Orbit Ion Canons (LOICs) to effectively shut down the targeted Web sites of Turkey’s telecommunications authority and other government agencies, the group said. The sites were disabled for several hours on Thursday evening.

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