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8 Worst Windows 8 Annoyances and How to Fix Them

Aug 22 2012 02:40 PM | xper in Software

All new operating systems have a learning curve, but due to its unique blend of new and old interfaces, Windows 8′s is particularly steep. Whether it’s a menu system that forces you change screens to launch an app or a pair of dueling control pan...

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VMware Workstation 9 Is All About Windows 8

Aug 23 2012 07:30 PM | xper in Software

Staying ahead of Microsoft itself, VMware has updated its Workstation desktop computer hypervisor so it can run Microsoft's soon-to-be-released Windows 8. VMware Workstation 9, available now, also includes the ability for users to access their desk...

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Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT: 8 Key Differences

Aug 24 2012 08:20 AM | xper in Software

When Microsoft launches Windows 8 on October 26, it also will unveil Windows RT, a new version of Microsoft's operating system designed specifically for ARM-based devices. Windows 8 and Windows RT have much in common, particularly the Modern UI Style (formerly Metro) design, However, they have dramatic differences as well, most notably Windows RT's inability to run legacy (Intel X86-based) Windows apps.It's tempting to think of Windows RT as an OS built only for consumer tablets, but Redmond says that's not necessarily the case."Windows RT is not just for tablet form factors.with Live Tiles...

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FAQ: How to get Windows 8 now...legally

Aug 16 2012 11:55 PM | xper in Software

Starting yesterday, Microsoft began releasing the final code of Windows 8 to developers, IT professionals and businesses that license the company's products in volume. That's all well and good for them, but how can you get your hands on the new operating system before it officially launches Oct. 26?

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Microsoft rebrands itself

Aug 23 2012 07:01 PM | Tripredacus in Software

As we saw the wavy "flag" of Windows past replaced with something more flat, Microsoft has changed its own company logo. The new logo looks to use the same Segoe font, and the old Windows logo has been flattened out. Read more over @ Technet

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Microsoft opens up Windows Live Messenger

Dec 16 2011 07:28 AM | xper in Software

Microsoft has made it possible for others' instant-messaging software to tap into its Windows Live Messenger, in a move that would have been shocking a decade ago. Instant-messaging networks — the big ones are run by Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL — were...

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Skype 5.10.114

Jun 14 2012 11:16 AM | xper in Software

Skype is software for calling other people on their computers or phones. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption. You don't even need to...

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KB971029 update disables AutoRun on XP, Vista

Mar 04 2011 04:05 AM | BogenDorpher in Software

There is an update to Windows XP and Windows Vista that was probably installed on your machine without you even knowing about it. This update, KB971029, disables the AutoRun feature and provides the user with no file-installation prompts when inserting...

Attachments: Attached Image: windows-7-update-kb-974431.PNG
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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 Beta

Jan 09 2010 04:19 AM | xper in Software

Enhanced tools and features help you run your business, connect with customers and organize your household more efficiently. Office Home and Business 2010 features new photo, video and text effects for creating stand-out documents and presentations....

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Google Chrome vs. IE10 on Windows 8 Metro

Jun 13 2012 10:51 AM | xper in Software

Want to see what a Windows 8 Metro-style app can do when it isn't constrained by the usual Metro conventions? The latest developer build of Google's Chrome browser brings a fascinating view of what the future could hold if app developers aren...

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