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Firefox 29 Debuts With New Australis User Interface
Posted on Apr 29 2014 02:00 PM by xper in Software

Mozilla officially released Firefox 29 today, providing users with the first major overhaul of the open-source browser's user interface since Firefox 4 was released in March 2011.
The interface overhaul has been developed under the code name "Australis" and has been available in testing branches of Firefox since August of 2013.
Firefox 29 with the Australis interface has been in beta development since March 20. The new user interface provides new customization options that enable users to more easily modify Firefox for their own needs (be sure to check out eWEEK's slide show on the Australis Interface).
Jonathan Nightingale, vice president of Firefox at Mozilla, told eWEEK that during the beta development period his organization received a lot of feedback on Australis.
That feedback was generally about requests for refinements to the interface.
"We adjusted things like the tab width because people wanted more text on the tab when they have a small number of open tabs," Nightingale said.
Download: Mozilla Firefox 29.0
More @ eWeek

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It's a graphically appealing interface, but the lack of various customization options is a huge draw back for me. A true Google Chrome wannabe unfortunately I've switched to Pale Moon full time now.