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Firefox 5 released, arrives only three months after Firefox 4
Posted on Jun 23 2011 08:35 AM by xper in Software

Mozilla has launched Firefox 5, a new version of the popular open source Web browser. This is the first update that Mozilla has issued since adopting a new release management strategy that has drastically shortened the Firefox development cycle.

Mozilla introduced its ambitious 2011 roadmap in February, with a plan for delivering four major releases during the year. A draft of the new release management strategy was unveiled in March, before Firefox 4 was released. As we pointed out at the time, the new approach is a radical departure from how Firefox has traditionally been developed: Mozilla has historically issued only one major release a year.

Despite the significant challenge of increasing the Firefox release cadence, Mozilla has successfully delivered Firefox 5 to users a mere three months after the release of Firefox 4.

The new version is unsurprisingly light on user-facing changes due to the shortened cycle, but has some decent improvements under the hood. It also proved to be fairly robust during our tests, which suggests that the browser's quality hasn't suffered from the transition to the new release management strategy.

The most significant improvement in Firefox 5 is the addition of support for CSS animations, an experimental CSS3 feature that allows Web developers to do keyframe-style animation on CSS properties. Because the underlying standard hasn't been finalized yet, Mozilla's implementation uses the -moz browser vendor prefix.

More @ ArsTechnica
Download: Mozilla Firefox 5.0

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Yeah, still no 64 bit version compiled. Stuck with the dev. @ http://nightly.mozilla.org/