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Firefox 8 released, finally fixes frivolous add-ons and tubby tabs

The latest iteration of everyone’s favorite furry is now available to download. As with the other rapidly-released iterations, Firefox 8 is mostly just a faster, cleaner version of the previous version — except for a couple of cool features: third-party apps (like AVG or Skype) can no longer install add-ons without your consent, and you can now toggle your saved tabs to load on demand.

The first change really is a no-brainer: Why should any add-on install itself without your permission? It would be OK if such add-ons were light-weight and well-programmed, but they are usually bloatware toolbars that are bundled with application installers. Basically, Mozilla has known for a long time that add-on performance directly affects the user’s perception of Firefox — in other words, it might be an add-on that makes Firefox slow, but the user sees that as Firefox’s fault.

By disabling stealthy, third-party installation of add-ons, Mozilla simply hopes to improve its very sticky reputation of being Chrome’s slower cousin. Furthermore, when you first install Firefox 8, you’ll be prompted to enable any third-party add-ons that have been running without your consent for months, or maybe even years.

Download: Firefox 8.0
Full story:ExtremeTech


My browser has just updated from FF8.1 to 9.1
Updated again to 10.0.2
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