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Google Chrome 12 beta 12.0.742.30
Posted on May 10 2011 11:47 AM by xper in Software

Google has always been seen as a company that is always at the cutting edge of technology and when it comes to software and online services it has never been scared of releasing beta versions to allow users to test things out before their final release. This is exactly what is happening with Google Chrome 12, the latest version of Google's web browsing software.

This test version of Chrome gives a hint of what the finished program will contain, and there are already enhancements to online security that enable you to protect your privacy by deleting cookies that are left behind by Flash - this would have previously required using a special tool from Adobe. Using a similar technique that is currently used to check the validity of web sites, Chrome 12 also checks downloads to ensure that they are not malicious.

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Download: Google Chrome 12 beta 12.0.742.30

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A feature that has NOT been mentioned, experimental but nearly functioning correctly in Chrome 12 beta is PRINT PREVIEW!
Yes folks, Print Preview does work in Chrome 12 unlike in previous versions of Chrome where it doesn't show any preview of what is being printed.
To enable it, type "about:flags" in Chrome's address bar, look for the Print Preview feature, enable it and restart Chrome 12.
Then browse to any site and hit Ctrl+P or select Print from the Chrome browser menu to bring up the Print Preview tab.