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Google releases Metro-style Windows 8 browser
Posted on Jun 11 2012 11:32 PM by xper in Software

As promised, Google released its first stab at a Metro style enabled desktop browser for Windows 8 this week. The new code appeared late this afternoon and is available as an automatic update on the Dev channel.

To unlock the Metro style browser, you have to be running the Windows 8 Release Preview and you need to set Chrome as the default browser. Doing so changes the Chrome icon on the Start screen, as shown here:

Posted Image

It’s obvious from this first attempt that Google either hasn’t studied the Metro design guidelines or has studiously ignored them.

In its Metro personality, Chrome 21.0.1171.0 doesn’t use any Metro style conventions: right-clicking or pressing Windows key+Z should reveal the App bar at the bottom of the screen, where app-specific commands reside. Google has decided instead to replicate its browser menu in the Metro container.

More @ ZDNet

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is that chrome possible to download?