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Internet Explorer 9 Is Climbing Fast...On Windows 7

The browser market share stats for June are out from Net Applications. Overall, the news is not all that rosy for Microsoft as Internet Explorer usage overall continues to erode. But, if you view the data through Redmond-colored glasses the news is actually pretty positive.

First, let's look at the raw data. The bottom line is that Internet Explorer dropped almost six tenths of a percentage point to 53.68 percent. Firefox also dropped slightly. Meanwhile, Chrome and Safari continue to climb. Chrome went up by the exact same amount that Internet Explorer went down, and now has 13.11 percent market share. Safari climbed two tenths of a percent--I assume based on iOS devices more than the desktop browser.

If we dig a little deeper into the version specifics, we can see that IE8, IE7, and IE6 all declined this month--by 1.21 percentage points, 0.46 percentage points, and 0.18 percentage points respectively. Firefox 4 bumped up 0.38 percentage points to 10.46 percent--but that will plummet this month thanks to Firefox 4 already being made obsolete by Firefox 5.

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