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It's a Window... Not a Flag
Posted on Feb 20 2012 02:17 PM by Tripredacus in Software

The Windows Blog has released the new Windows 8 logo. You can see the new logo, as well as a short history of the Windows logo here: Blogging Windows: Redesigning the Windows Logo

What do you think of the new Windows 8 logo?

Your Comment?


The new logo is simplistic and crude, like the "tiles" in the Metro interface. A very fitting design.
looks like s*** to be honest

we are in 48bit graphic era, they are going back to what 256 colors ?
It's s.ucks...just like Windows 8.
I wish Bill Gates never left Microsoft. Sinofsky has no vision of how an OS should look like. If I were managing Windows development I would have Windows Phone 7 to phones and tablets and Windows for desktop. ;) In Windows 7 there's room for improvement so he should have had focus on that, not on unifying all devices, ' cause it's like saying all persons on the planet have blue eyes. ;)