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Microsoft Exec: Time For Windows XP To Go

Microsoft spent most of this week talking up its new tablet-friendly Windows 8 operating system, but the fact is the majority of enterprises haven't even moved to Windows 7 yet. They may want to get moving, as a senior company official warned that there will be no life extension for Windows XP and related products beyond 2014.

"We are end-of-lifing XP and Office 2003 and everything prior, in April 2014," said Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer, during a meeting with financial analysts Wednesday. "So for all those companies that have the old products that haven't quite started the refresh, guess what? This has been a great product, XP has been a wonderful product; great TCO has been given. It's now time for it to go."

Microsoft typically ends support for its operating systems 10 years after their debut. But given that the majority of its business customers were still using the more than a decade-old Windows XP, which debuted in 2001, the company previously decided to extend support to 2014.
But Turner left little doubt that XP would not get another reprieve. "We're basically giving it a time of death stamp," he said.

During a keynote at Microsoft's BUILD conference, Windows group president Steven Sinofsky said Tuesday that more than half of all Windows users in the consumer market are now using Windows 7. He didn't provide a figure for the enterprise market, but most analysts believe the majority of businesses continue to use Windows XP. With XP due to expire in two-and-a-half years, they'll soon have to implement a replacement plan.

Microsoft is counting on that fact to drive an uptick in sales of new business PCs and, by extension, sales of Windows 7 and its application cousins. "I really like where we're going with the Windows 7, Office 2010, and IE9 refresh," said Turner. Microsoft could use the boost. Overall Windows sales were down 2.4% in the company's most recent fiscal year as many consumers turned to tablets and smartphones for their computing needs.

Source: InformationWeek


Sep 20 2011 08:11 AM
The sooner the better... but take Embedded too! :rolleyes:
Microsoft's chief operating officer is a confident man it would seem. I can certainly understand where he is coming from in wanting to move things forward into the future with new technology.

But it makes me laugh to read his apparent blasé awareness of business IT purchase decisions. There is a good reason why Windows XP "won't go away" - it does exactly what is says on the tin, without dragging it's heels nor distracting eye candy.

If it aint droke, don't fix it.

Mr B
Hmm, the cutoff date for XP support mentioned in the past was always July 2014, now MS is saying April 2014? What gives MS, people not moving over to 7 as fast as you'd like?

What's next, January 2, 2014?

Sorry MS, I'm sticking with XP till then, and probably afterwards as well. I'll just dual boot with Linux (Linux for the net and XP with Internet access disabled for whatever Windows based software I need to run).
XP is still working great for me too. As is my 2.3.Ghz P4 w/1GB RAM (from 1993!). It can edit video, multitrack record, and just about anything else you throw at it without a hiccup (or burp). It kills me that my computer has the specs to run things like IE9 but can't because (and this is just presumption on my part) there's an IF statement in IE9 that says:
    LET_'ER_ RUN()
Does anyone else ever feel that way?
I get a kick every time I come across comments with "attitudes" of smugness from people like Microsoft's CEO Kevin Turner.

This man, who makes more money in one year then I (or anyone else I know) would ever make in 20 lifetimes can sit back and say you will use what we give you and if you don't like it...too bad.

And of course marketing constantly tells us that what we bought last year must now be crap, and if we don't fall in line and buy todays latest & greatest (which of course will become crap the moment we get it home), then we will obviously become lesser for it.

I am personally amazed that Microsoft hasn't implemented some way to detect any MS-OS older than Vista logged onto the internet and render it useless.

BTW, I am sending this over Earthlink's Dial-up ISP, using an "older" IBM Netvista first generation P-4 machine with Windows 98 and AOL's old Netscape browser...I suppose Mr. Kevin Turner would not be pleased with someone like me!
That's because in this super great economy, everyone can afford to replace things that aren't broken. We can just get rid of things at will and buy something new because that's just what we do. Well, guess what? Not everyone can do that M$, let alone not everyone wants to! Go ahead and abandon us classic Windows users, but don't expect us to jump to your new operating crap just because you want us to. So, how do you like them apples? :P