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Microsoft making big speech bets with Windows 8, Bing
Posted on Aug 09 2011 02:11 PM by xper in Software

Microsoft’s consolidated speech technology unit, Tellme, is working with a number of product teams inside the company to make speech recognition and understanding a key component of a number of next-generation Microsoft offerings.

Microsoft execs have been demonstrating publicly how Windows Phones currently can handle spoken queries. With Mango, Windows Phones will support even more speech functions, including speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

And the Kinect sensor is going to get more sophisticated voice-command support this fall, enabling users to use Bing to search for movies, TV, music and other content via voice. But within the coming year, even more Microsoft products and services are getting the speech recognition/understanding treatment.

Windows 7 today can recognize a limited set of spoken commands. But Microsoft will be taking this work further with Windows 8, said Ilya Bukshteyn, Tellme Senior Director of Sales and Marketing.

Windows 8 on ARM and Intel slates will be able to recognize many speech commands, which makes sense given they won’t be optimized for keyboard and mouse input. And because Windows 8 is “HTML-based,” the HMTL5 speech tag could allow developers inside and outside Microsoft to create applications for Windows 8 that are speech-capable, Bukshteyn added.

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Aug 10 2011 08:19 AM
They need to bring back Microsoft Sam. He is way cooler than Anna.