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Microsoft Office likely to get the Metro treatment

This week, Windows president Steven Sinofsky reiterated what we already knew: Windows 8 PCs and tablets running on ARM chips won’t be able to load applications originally built for Intel-based computers. While this is no surprise, Microsoft did also say that applications using the Windows 8 Metro interface will be easily ported to ARM platforms and that Microsoft Office will likely be given the Metro treatment.

In a call with financial analysts Wednesday, Sinofsky was asked if Microsoft will use an emulator or application virtualization to bring current applications to Windows 8 on ARM chips.

But Sinofsky noted, “We've been very clear since the very first CES demos [in January] and forward that the ARM product won't run any X86 applications,” according to a transcript of the conversation. “What we announced yesterday for the first time was that when you write a Metro style application, all the tools are there to enable you in any of the languages that we support to automatically support ARM or x86.”

While Windows 8 on Intel platforms can run both Metro-style applications and traditional Windows apps, Sinofsky indicated that ARM will primarily run Metro apps. “It’s an Intel-based world and the AMD-based world plus the ARM-based world for Metro style apps,” he said.

Full story: ArsTechnica