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Microsoft opens up Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft has made it possible for others' instant-messaging software to tap into its Windows Live Messenger, in a move that would have been shocking a decade ago. Instant-messaging networks — the big ones are run by Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL — were once well-defended strongholds, and developers of third-party programs like Trillian had to work hard to reverse-engineer their inner workings. But whatever residual excitement IM possessed has faded as new communication methods such as Facebook and Twitter have seized the spotlight.

Now Microsoft is taking a significant step that lowers at least its barriers by letting others tap into its network.

"With the release of the XMPP interface for Messenger, any XMPP-based chat client that can also support OAuth 2.0 for authentication will be able to connect to Windows Live Messenger to enable people to see which of their friends are online and chat with them in real time," said Dare Obasanjo, lead programme manager for Microsoft's Live Connect Platform, in a blog post on Wednesday.

"This means that anyone can build innovative messaging clients — either stand-alone or built into their devices — that include access to Messenger's 300 million active users."

Source: ZDNet


North of Watford
Jan 01 2012 12:10 PM
E, E, & E ??

[Is this to be yet another exercise of Embrace, Extend and Extinguish, this time aimed at open message standards?]