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Microsoft users struggle with Windows redesign

As Microsoft Corp prepares to show the world what its new Windows 8 can do on the next generation of high-powered tablets, initial reviews of the new operating system on existing hardware underscore the challenges the company faces with the radical redesign of its flagship product.

The world's largest software company says millions of people are already using a downloaded pre-release version of Windows 8 on PCs, laptops and touch-devices ahead of its full introduction this autumn. At a media event in Los Angeles on Monday, the company is expected to discuss its plans to take on Apple Inc's all-conquering iPad this holiday shopping season.

So far, most reviewers have praised the look and feel of the touch-friendly "Metro" style of Windows 8, which is based on colorful squares, or "tiles," that depict applications such as email, and update in real time. But they have also stressed how difficult it will be for users to move away from what they know and trust.

"It's a bit of a struggle for people who are deliberately oriented on a PC, that are used to a mouse feel," said former Microsoft strategist Al Hilwa.

Now an analyst at tech research firm IDC, Hilwa has been trying out the latest demo release for two weeks. "Without a touchscreen, I struggled with a mouse to do certain things," he said.

The new Metro interface only runs programs written for it, so users have to switch back to the traditional desktop to do certain tasks, like listening to music on Apple's iTunes.

"The thing that really infuriates me is that it seems like Metro apps, and apps running in the normal desktop don't have any knowledge of each other, " said Forrester Research analyst David Johnson. "There's no easy way to navigate between them, and I'm not quite sure why that is."

The latest test version is not yet finished software. And outside of a few industry testers, no one has tried out Windows 8 on a tablet powered by ultra-efficient ARM Holdings chips, which is the closest Microsoft will come to challenging the iPad.

Read more @ Orlando Sentinel


The worst thing Microsoft can do. And what about the servers using Metro Interface...
Windows 8 is yet the biggest mistake MS ever did. ;)
Greek Teacher
Jul 28 2012 01:46 PM
Might it be true that MS big mistake is to create an OS (Win 8) that seems designed for smart phones and pads vs normal laptops & desktops. I did an in-place upgrade over a dying Win 7 install; it was either doing a big job of a clean installation of Win 7 Pro or try the Win 8 Release Preview, so I did the 8 RP.
However, except for getting back my desktop in a crippled condition; withNO Start Button to easily access shutdown, logoff, restart, Run, ALL OF MY APPLICATIONS, ACCESS TO HELP, DEVICES, ETC.
The only applications I have been able to easily get to, unless they are on my desktop, or the Quickstart which MS removed on the Win 7 release, and had to be added (and now some developers have even greyed out putting a shorcut in Quickstart if it knows the OS is Win 7).
I am so glad I my old Win 7 desktop already had Computer, User, Network, Control Panel and most application icons, or I would have to find the exe's to totally clutter my desktop to access them.
I have some questions I hope someone or more can give me solutions:
How do I completely restore my old desktop; with all the missing stuff I now have to find & create shortcuts for, like Programs, Programs(x86), Printer setup adjustments, etc.?
Are there any Apps, which seems to be the appropriate nomenclature for little applications that can do things that formerly came as part of the OS, such as a Taskbar with QuickLaunch as an add on?! I came into this conversation too late to change the Release, as most or all of the blog questions re these changes were SHUT DOWN.
You can use classicshell which gives you back the startmenu and orb and can skip metro. ;)