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One Windows to rule them all

Attached Image: Windows_Phone_8-4596_1_610x406.jpg

In the world of making apps and games, going multi-platform is serious business. It adds cost, complexity, and can extend the amount of time developers need to push out finished products.

Microsoft wants to change that calculus -- especially when it comes to developing on its own two computing platforms that share the same name.

At its developer preview event in San Francisco yesterday, Microsoft debuted Windows Phone 8, the next major version of its mobile phone OS, slated for release alongside a crop of new phones later this year. Among the myriad announcements, perhaps the most significant was Microsoft's decision to tighten up compatibility between Windows Phone and Windows 8.

That closeness comes in the form of a shared kernel. In non-developer speak, you can think of the kernel like a bridge between the hardware and the software. It takes care of some of the dirty business like giving software access to parts of the hardware, and managing resources, all to make sure everything keeps humming.

Full story @ C|Net


One-to-rule-all is not a good business decision. Microsoft will learn the hard way. ;)