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Why I Plan on Using the New Windows Home Server 2011
Posted on Feb 23 2011 08:42 AM by xper in Software

There has been a lot of negativity around upgrading the Windows Home Server (version 1) product, to Windows Home Server 2011 or even using it at all, all due to the Drive Extender removal. I do understand the pain. I do. But I don’t understand why people instantly now hate WHS?? Yesterday, Paul Thurrott, also released an article on why he is betting on Windows Home Server 2011, and I wanted to take some time to explain my view.

Looking back, we remember that Drive Extender had some initial problems after the v1 release. Some corner case of editing large files that lived on the server, in some rare cases, these large files were corrupt, people wanted to turn Drive Extender off, it scared them. After Power Pack 1 came in to save the day, only then did people start to trust Drive Extender, and yes, they immediately fell in love with it. Easy drive extension with a side benefit of duplicating files on multiple hard drives (“dup ‘em if you got ‘em!”).

Removing DE was a very tough decision, but I ultimately agree with the decision given what I know.

But without drive extender, is the product not awesome? is your data not safe? This blog post is intended to tell you why I think WHS 2011 is still awesome, and still keeps my data safe.

More @ Windows Home Server Team Blog

Your Comment?


"This blog post is intended to tell you why I think WHS 2011 is still awesome, and still keeps my data safe."

Okay....and at exactly what point in this blog post do you begin to actually explain why you think WHS 2011 is still awesome?
Feb 28 2011 02:36 PM
I have added the link to the full article, should be more helpful for you.