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Windows 8 To Run Windows 7, And Vice Versa
Posted on Jun 12 2012 08:49 AM by xper in Software

In an effort to show how Windows 8 may be the most flexible version of Windows to date, Microsoft officials demonstrated Tuesday how it will allow users to run instances of previous versions of the operating system within a Win8 desktop, and how it also can easily boot on older systems running Windows 7.

"I find this exceedingly convenient," said Linda Averett, who leads program management for Microsoft's developer experience team, during a keynote presentation at the TechEd conference in Orlando, Fla.

Averett demonstrated how the hypervisor software that's built directly into the Windows 8 client lets users run a virtual instance of Windows 7, as well as related apps, within Windows 8. That could be useful for development teams who need to see how an app written for one version compares to the other.

"IT pros can check out how things work in different versions," said Averett.

Not only can Windows 8 run Win7 virtually, it can split the display screen so that the same app running in Win8 and Win7 can be shown side by side, to make comparison easier. Averett demonstrated how a Win8, Metro version of the game Cutthroat could be pinned to one side of the desktop while developers ran a Windows 7 version.

"It makes it easy to determine if they'll behave the same way," said Averett.

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Ha! Ha! Ha! What a great joke! Look, look...you have windows 7 inside Windows 8. Buy it ' cause it's new! Ha! Even Microsoft realized the fiasco called Windows 8...makes shame to the Windows name. They should call it Tiles8. :D
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