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Windows 8 will run on all current PC hardware

Microsoft exec Tami Reller told attendees at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 taking place in Los Angeles yesterday that any PC capable of running Windows 7 today would be capable of running Windows 8 when it is released, towards the end of the year if Steve Ballmer's ramblings are to be believed.

After giving the assembled crowd a glowing appraisal of the current Windows operating system's achievements (400 million copies out there, sold three times faster than XP, 27 per cent of the Internet uses W7...) Reller moved on to the future and Windows 8.

Although she didn't couch the promise quite so succinctly, we reckon the Microsoftie made a bold statement which amounts to, any PC which is currently capable of running Windows 7 will also be able to run Windows 8.

Starting with software, Reller said, "Windows 8 also runs the existing Windows apps that you use and love. They are just as easy to switch to, and you can use them alongside your new Windows 8 apps."

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