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Windows 8, Windows Server 8, and Office 15 Information

Ever since the days of Whistler (Windows XP’s code name), I’ve used the power of Google and other sources to flesh out undisclosed information to digest and make available to the masses. Today, I continue that tradition by bringing you a post consisting of a culmination of Windows 8, Windows Server 8 and even Office 15 information I’ve discovered over the course of the past month or so.

The information that follows is all directly sourced for your convenience and I’ve copied everything as it resides where it resides — grammatical errors and all. While some of the specifics on this list are certainly more significant than others, I’ve listed all that I have in the interest of leaving no stone unturned and so as to appeal to the unique interests of each individual who reads this.

Additionally, I close the article with sources to much more Windows 8 and Office 15 information that will continue to whet your appetite should you find the contents of this article particularly piquant.

Full story: SEO Whistleblower