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Microsoft patches IE bug in Windows XP, but it's a huge mistake

Microsoft, after officially retiring Windows XP back in April, has decided in its infinite wisdom to issue a patch for the Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability that affected all versions of IE across Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

While this might seem like the right thing to do, it’s actually a huge mistake that undercuts Microsoft’s efforts to get the hundreds of millions of Windows XP holdouts to upgrade. After all, if Microsoft fixed this bug in Windows XP, who’s to say it won’t do it again?

IT admins, faced with the harsh reality of finally having to upgrade to a modern operating system, will sleep well tonight knowing that Microsoft is a push over and will continue to support XP while it has a significant number of users. The status quo is preserved.
The current zero-day vulnerability, which affects IE6 through 11, across all versions of Windows, was confirmed by Microsoft on April 27.

Microsoft acknowledged its existence after security firm FireEye reported on April 26 that the vulnerability was being actively used to attack “financial and defense” targets. At the time, I thought this would be the perfect stick to get people to finally upgrade from Windows XP (IE6 through 8, along with Windows XP, are no longer supported).

Large institutions and corporations especially cannot keep running Windows XP if there’s a massive hole that can be readily exploited. The bug was so serious that even the US and UK governments were telling people to stop using IE until a patch was issued (which, in the case of Windows XP, should’ve been never).

Full story: ExtremeTech


Meh it's its an Internet explorer bug and not a windows bug. so its not a XP specific fix. The funny thing about your article is XP was not being targeted by hackers using this vulnerabilty. The versions that were being targeted were vista 7 and 8 the same versions that this FUD is designed to trick users into upgradeing. So the XP was more secure than the operating systems they are trying to trick people into upgrading to. Thats pretty comical.

I could also go so far to say that this is not even a Microsoft vulnerability its an Adobe Flash vulnerability. But Adobe is incompetent of fixing it so MS is obligated to patch their browsers to stop it.

Lastly nothing is stopping anyone from applying IE fixes as long as that the version of the fix matches their browse installed on the system. In this case all the versions of IE are effected including versions of IE that run on XP that are still supported by Microsoft VIA 2003 server, POS version of XP....and MS Volume licensing agreements etc.

Plus this maygo back to a time when MS was in litigation with the US gov over antitrust where do you draw the line between a browser and the operating system. For all we know they not only legally had to apply the fix but the fix regardless of operating system is the same.
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