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  2. This is what I had to do on the Z77. After a clean install on your X99 did you have to manually add the PCI Bus in order to detect your cards? Have there been any real stubborn devices that you installed that just won't detect no matter what or ones that you nearly gave up but found a way to detect them?
  3. Yes those INF would only provide names to devices that don't require manual driver installation. Just to make it look nice on your Device Manager. Installing XP onto the Z170 you will find a lot of these unknown devices since no XP Chipset file exists but seeing you have one for 98SE it should be possible to port a similar one for XP but this doesn't affect XP from working and just more for aesthetics of having no ugly yellow questions marks and it just makes it harder to navigate which devices really need the drivers but that can easily be solved by examining the Hardware IDs and using Windows 10 to check the same Hardware ID. I just focus on the Video, Audio, USB, and LAN. All else aren't as vital but I did at one point try to find every driver or at least get rid of the ? on a laptop and you end spending a lot of wasted time because some drivers just don't exist for the OS so they will stay with it. That power problem sound scary. I usually keep my systems running 24/7 for burn in test and most while I am awake before allowing it to go non stop. But so far I've been lucky buying fanless power supplies on eBay. It either works or it doesn't and if it runs fine for a week it's usually a good sign but I don't stress it to the max so who knows if there is a problem with it if I ran triple Sli cards on it. I haven't tried XP-64 for a daily OS so I'd be curious how FireFox 64 bit interacts with that OS since it can natively handle over 3.2GB > 128GB max I believe. I am still experiencing the over 1.5GB -> 2.7GB memory usage range sluggishness then to complete stalling to near freezing and needing to end task. If you do get a chance to play around on the XP 64-bit try the FF 43.0.4 64-bit version I left a link in one of the other threads on Browsers that work on XP by Aiko Chan. http://www.msfn.org/board/profile/408069-~♥aiko♥chan♥~/ It should run all websites properly and has SHA-256 cert. so newer site upgrades won't make it obsolete and best of all 1080P Youtube videos work fine instead of stuck at 240P for the moment.
  4. I took out my pocket-calculator and my informatics ABC, and, yes, i easily admit the thing about "amount of RAM" is of course right. This was just lazy me ignoring the effect of RAM-eating graphic-cards (as the limiting factor in practice) before the "theoretical" side. Bear with me... @98SE Still, now, even more that the theoretical maximum and the practical side is equally sorted out, i just don't understand where listing those data might get us to. (My problem is, i assume, that my command of the english language is still too low to get the fine nuances.) What I DO think is, that a more detailed listing, is i.e. @ruthan did for the 865 sort of boards, would be of great help for old and new users alike, as everyone has its specific needs, and in the end, besides the patches, it all boiles down to the right choice of $things... Perhaps in the new stickied topic about "Modern Mainboards" started by @Tommy a more detailed approach could get us there? (and yes, ethusiastic new users like ruthan and 98SE missed some discussions and therefore attempted things and started discussions that were already closed books for the old boys, but yeah, at least i still get occasionally overwhelmed by the treasures of MSFN hoarded in one big unsorted dragon-heap of gold sooo big the arkane jewel can easily get lost... unless you are a dragon... and even then... )
  5. I had tried DDR4 in late 2016 on the Skylake Z170. DOS can boot up on it but certain programs malfunctioned which most of you probably wouldn't have known about or used as I seem to be the first to have used it. However at the time DDR4's lowest RAM capacity was 4GB and I wasn't interested in installing 98SE on it and the MB I was testing had no PCI slots. At the time I had not tested the Z77 chipset to verify it could work with 98SE except the ability to install to the desktop but the USB mouse didn't work properly so I retired the project since it wasn't vital. I might revisit the Z170 after a successful Z77 since I have cracked the 8GB memory limit in my tests then it should work with the 4GB DDR4 I had used for early testing on the Z170. But I'm more curious about AM4 Ryzen but I was planning to hold out until they released their first APU CPU for it. But this could be after the board has shut down unless it can continue for a few more months or these get released soon. Fast forward to the Z77 I just finished installing the 6600 GT and it worked with the modified drivers. But it leaves a shutdown issue where you cannot go straight to pure DOS without rebooting. And yes I've read about the shutdown patch but I will be experimenting later with older driver versions to see what effect using a PCIe card will cause. This is the first time testing any PCIe card with 98SE with the drivers working. Originally my plan years ago was to test it on a Socket 775 MB but now that I'm able to have a completely fanless 98SE system running I'm going to keep pushing this idea to get it done on the Z77 which will be able to run DOS/9X/ME/2K/XP/Vista/W7/W10 and purposely skipping the 8.0/8.1.
  6. @BJFox You can only use 64-bit Aero Glass on 64-bit Windows and only 32-bit Aero Glass on 32-bit Windows. People may have multiple different systems, the system they have for display below their avatar could just be their favorite/main OS. Some haven't updated it for a while. Some people also prefer to use 32-bit system on the weaker hardware, even if CPU is 64-bit capable and all drivers are available.
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  8. It's pretty random, just the nature of that method. When I had Win10 as main OS, it would occasionally throw me back to login prompt while on the welcome screen with the spinning circle, but I haven't experienced BSOD at the time.
  9. I have two comps at home with 64-bit Windows 10, but on my work my comp is Windows 10 x32. Many old perepherials that didn't have 64-bit drivers. So I need 32-version AG for my work comp...
  10. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.5 Windows 10 (version 15063.540) Release version Photo, Edge, People & Calculator apps now have no Min/Max/Close buttons on the taskbar and zero transparency. Right Click can still be used to activate these functions which is a good comprimise while MS rolls out Fluent Design. I will continue to post on this Topic until BM creates a new topic for later versions.
  11. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Someone may even think that... then again, no amount of wishful thinking will ever make it work on XP, because, this too is... (guess what:) ontologically impossible™.
  12. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Anyone things that KernelEX4.5.2 can be made to work on XP ? Patching On Disk does not seems to be a great idea . I wish Xeno86 is here with us ,
  13. For me, the best browser on vista its UCBrowser, i received a update two weeks ago , fluid and stable,FF 52 feels slow using both at the same time. My Windows 10 drive died,so i stay on vista until my drive dies Overwatch runs on Vista fine, my cousin installed without problems,rockstar probably keeps support for gta v on Vista, at this point of his life i dont expect a major update like the crew with his new graphics,saddly vista support was drop, Battlefield 4 last UI Update works on Vista and let switch to Battlefield 1 on the game (i wish someone could mod the installer setup to make it run, 372,70 drivers add support to BTF 1 ,so , its possible run this game , ignoring the the old drivers and missing dll's )
  14. Do you make a bakcup of this thread on Web Archive site? that helps for people who dosnt find new page
  15. Nvidia Drivers Install on Vista

    ¿Your modding works? I tried run 382,x modded drivers, to get support for a new gt 1030 without success, installation window shows driver correctly installed, but after restart the monitor stays black, i hear startup sound ,but didnt get videosignal,only on safe mode
  16. Aero on Maximized Windows?

    ¿Using 3rd party themes maybe? i remeber at least 3 themes with that feature, isnt too dificult, search on Devian Art
  17. 1.5 GHz too fast for Windows 95?

    Thank you so much for the information. I suspect that CPUs faster than 2.15 GHz weren't available until at least January 2002 when Intel released newer versions of the Pentium 4 processor to include speeds up to 2.2 GHz which at the time was untested on Windows 95.
  18. Change Windows CREATIONTIME

    yes, Of course. you can open install.wim with hex editor and access to [1].xml file and easily change CREATIONTIME.
  19. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    Run the attached Program from DOS. Post the results. SCANPCI.EXE
  20. VBE does not work with COMMAND.COM. Safe Mode does not use Installed Drivers so neither VBE nor 82.69 are a factor. It can use limited Drivers specified in SYSTEM.CB. This allows SVGA and XGA, but not on all Video Cards. Use the original SYSTEM.CB File for Safe Mode.
  21. KernelEx for Win2000

    @blackwingcat Can you figure out what is stopping this application from running? https://www.fitbit.com/setup?platform=winxp It installs just fine with no errors, but running it is a different story. It says the instruction at "0x5ab7d465" reference memory at "0x01cdfffc" The memory could not be read. I bought some Fitbits today that I would like to sync up to my computer and I really hate the thought of having to pull out my laptop just to make this happen. I'm running your latest kernel extension as well.
  22. Thank you for the update to 1.5.5!! It's working great now!
  23. Below your name and avatar it shows Windows 10 x64. Do you have a system running 32-bit Windows 10 that requires the 32-bit version? Or, is there a reason you prefer using the 32-bit version of AeroGlass with 64-bit Windows? I hope that doesn't seem like a stupid question on my part, but I am sincerely curious since I saw you post it a couple of times. Am I missing out on something special in terms of aesthetics or functionality by using the 64-bit version instead of 32-bit?
  24. Thanks for saying something. I do not use Windows 10 UWA software for anything. (I remove just about all UWA apps from the ISO prior to installation, including Cortana, Skype, OneNote, etc.) I could have gone for the rest of my life and not known the items you mentioned are not working correctly with AeroGlass. Good catch!
  25. Thanks for the update! But it's still no 32-bit version. Hope you made it later.
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