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  2. Well, the IE proxy setting just for https was enough to solve the problem. It was not necesary to add the passtrough entry.
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  4. Don't forget to uninstall old Java before installing latest one (exit all browsers first). You can still get the MSI and run MSIEXEC against it for silent un-/re-install. A couple of references (in case wanted/needed):
  5. That's actually a nice Philips CRT monitor! On the Dell the best I could find was this: Not much to go on, I know. -Ronald
  6. Have they decided to allow auto updates again without POSReady? I was already getting adjusted to a periodic manual download and update of the defs, and was actually enjoying the fact that I am in control of when it performs the update instead of it randomly choosing to hang up my pc when I might be in the middle of something important. So today when my pc got stuck, I looked at the running processes and saw something starting with mpam... and then when I opened the mse window, it showed "up to date" and the latest file was already loaded without me doing anything. I had thought that was over with. They cannot make up their friggin minds at MS.
  7. Secure Boot is just too troublesome for legacy OSes even for Windows 8 and Windows 10. By the way, the counterfeit Windows 7 Ultimate has been sent back to the seller for a refund of $79! I don't think its possible to leave negative feedback since the seller doesn't have anything on sale on his eBay account anymore. Besides that, I ordered Windows 8.1 Pro (FQC-06913) off of eBay for $100 as a replacement Christmas president. Windows 8.1 should work in legacy mode and Secure Boot disabled.
  8. Observe dencorso's signature and links. Also note the following: Found via the following Google: "modern motherboards" "windows 98"
  9. Have you tried any yet? See (Fernando): Also, do not it depends on the chipset/controller, so you'll have to be more specific as your initial Q was rather generic and in some cases the answer will be "No". edit - And for NT, absolutely not! It won't happen. Ever! NT4 is the NT-equivalent of DOS-based Windows95.
  10. Well, that explains that. I figured as much. I also disabled Secure Boot. It seemed like more trouble than it was worth (and is a no-no for older OS, AFAIK). It'll stay that way.
  11. IMO, > 1.5 GiB is the moment where RLoew's RAM Limitation Patch becomes an absolute must, but as already said, it'll give much added stability to anything from 0.5 GiB on, and also allow the use of some Video and/or LAN cards which are otherwise a no-no.
  12. As far as your mileage may vary, I've honestly never had any issues running Windows 98 SE with 1gig of RAM without patches. Unless I just don't do some of the things with it that help trigger it to crash, I don't know. With that being said though, if you're truly serious about using Windows 98 in a production environment, I'd completely recommend Rloew's SATA and RAM patches. Not that I'm skeptical of the great Rloew, but I was skeptical of the SATA patch at first because I didn't realize that the SATA control despite also having IDE was causing my problems. But I did bite the bullet and bought it and it worked, it cured my problems. Just those two things can really make your life a lot more simple and less of a headache. The RAM patch I would say is totally ideal, even for less than 1gig of RAM, it can help stabilize the system. But I too use a Windows 98 system daily and those two items have made it possible to have a nearly modern system. As for my systems, I always use add on cards anyway for video and sound, so as long as you have compatible cards, you're good to go. Unless you do some serious high end gaming, mostly any video card from the mid-2000s would suffice quite nicely as long as it has drivers for Windows 98.
  13. My current desktop. Windows 10 (Build 10240), Aero Glass v1.4.6.610
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  15. It seems that the end of Windows 10 is near: "Microsoft to stop updating the original Windows 10 release after March 26". You may read the complete text here: Cheers
  16. While there seem to be many ways of getting "Fully Updated," the SP4 + USP5.1 + Unofficial Update Rollup 2 has worked in my experience. I've also done the SP4 + USP5.1 and let Windows Update handle the rest, and I've even done the first procedure and used Windows Update from there (which I, and several others on another discussion board postulated may "break" some additional unofficial updates incorporated in prior packages). Whilst use of the UURollup package is "not recommended," as you say, I've had absolutely zero issues using the current "Daily" release from some time ago. All the software I need works perfectly well
  17. I will try thanks
  18. does fernandos work for windows NT 4.0/Windows 2000?
  19. You can increase the amount of memory seen by adding the /3GB switch in boot.ini.
  20. Remember all the doom and gloom announced by tech sites all over, that Kaby Lake processors would be incompatible with Windows 7 and 8.1? Well... I managed to get my HP laptop with an Intel Core i7 7500U and Intel HD 620 GPU working, without a single warning symbol on Device Manager. It was a bit tricky though... I had to install the Kernel Mode Driver Framework and User Kernel Mode Driver Framework v1.1 updates, along with a pretty obscure hotfix released by Microsoft, to make Windows 7 support TPM 2.0. There was no USB support after the fresh install, so I had to put the essential USB 3.0 drivers on a CD-RW I had laying around. Aside from that, Intel also really doesn't want you to install Windows 7 on their new platform... The GPU drivers were compatible with 7, but the HW IDs for the new iGPUs were exclusive to the Windows 10 part of the file. All I had to do was copy paste them to the 7/8.1 section, and it installed without any problem. Also, the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework drivers were only available for 10... Had to search the HW IDs on google to find older compatible versions. Now I should finish setting up the system, and see if I can get updates. Will report back
  21. Further investigation suggests a pin out problem. I got my computer to recognize the TV as number 1 monitor and primary monitor. I can now plugin the 17" Dell to the DVI to VGA active adapter and have then desktop and tool bar appear with the monitor plugged in and working, unplugged completely, or unplugged from the AC. As soon as I plug the 19" Philips into the adapter (AC unplugged) the toolbar disappears and all programs open on the non working monitor. I will investigate further. Bob
  22. that defeats the purpose of browser
  23. non NT are more-so safe until you put java on it and/or use IE too bad there's no x64 version of them
  24. So WDDM type drivers are implemented or are you still using XP drivers to test these games?
  25. For XP i will prefer moded driver fernado
  26. Is there is any progress with UxTSB.dll injecting by DWMGlass.dll and logon problem?
  27. sorry to dredge this up but i took a break for a while, am now doing a w10 debloat experiment on mydigitallife forums. (you can find downloads there) service disabler batch files component removal batch files being using 10 for months now without problems, after disabling 95% of the tasks and over 100 services.
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