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  2. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Latest Steam client's update changelog includes one particularly interesting line: "Updated web views to Chromium v62.0.3202.62" So, excited and worried at the same time, I immediately did a backup of the entire Steam folder (just in case, you know) and then let the update complete itself. After a restart everything was working as usual, so I went to see the diff... But alas, nothing interesting - only a few of client's files were changed, but nothing new in the "cef.winxp" folder for at least a year, quite unfortunately (or maybe not). So, apparently, Steam is going to support two versions of their web interface, at least for some time... I don't think they are willing to abandon even a small chunk of their paying customers overnight.
  3. Removing WMP

    I have removed WMP and WMP 6.4 but Microsoft Update picks up the following high priority updates from 2011 as missing. They are both for WMP: KB 2479943 KB 2619339 I'm not sure about the best practices in such a case, whether it's better to ignore or install those updates? The XP was built from the following packages and then manually updated with a few KB*.exe files for the last few weeks. The system is lean and works perfectly. It's just over 3.3 GB (including 2 GB default pagefile.sys). XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_10-10-17.7z XPSP3_QFE_POSReady_Addon_20171115_5er.7z YumeYao_IE8_Addon_Clean_ENU_1.5.35.7z The following updates were installed manually from Microsoft Update Catalog as they became available after 2017-Nov-15: KB4049068 KB4051956 KB4052978 KB4052303 For the record, here are the links to the packages mentioned above: https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=7184&sid=20369196b32dc785d016360d976b1c2d https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10479&sid=256a9e5f393205ae0332563b678dfd69 https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10482
  4. windows pe audio driver and support

    Audio support will be added to the PE of Windows 10 version 1803.
  5. Today
  6. Don't understand WUD's GUI

    I am grateful for Windows Updates Downloader, which seems like a great program. I do have a question. As you see in the screenshot I have used WUD to do a lengthy download of XP Service Pack 3 because I seem to have some files missing from that. i don't know what to do next because I don't know what the three square buttons at the top are. I don't see any wording when I hover my arrow by them. Computer: DELL Dimension 2400 CPU: Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1) 2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2658 MHz (20.00x132.9) Motherboard: DELL 0G1548 Chipset: Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4 Memory: 2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7 - 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K - 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K Graphics: Intel 82845G/GL/GV Graphics Controller [DELL] Intel i845G(L) Integrated, 64 MB Drive: WL120GPA872, 117.2 GB, E-IDE (ATA-7) Drive: WDC WD2500JB-57GVC0, 244.2 GB, E-IDE (ATA-6) Drive: HGST HTS545050A7E380, 488.4 GB, Serial ATA 3Gb/s <-> USB Drive: SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-252S, CD-R Writer Sound: Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4(-M) - AC'97 Audio Controller [A-1] Sound: Creative Technology SB Live! Series Audio Processor Network: RealTek Semiconductor RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet NIC [A/B/C] OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Build 2600 Antivirus: Panda Antivirus Pro 17.0.1 Firewall: Panda Antivirus Pro 17.0.1 Ad Blocker: Adguard, Ad Muncher, Adblock Plus Default Browser: Maxthon
  7. win6x_registry_tweak

    Ok I did some tests, as I did some months ago (this is not the first time I try to use this tool). So here are the conclusions: -It DOES NOT remove anything in OFFLINE MODE. -Use DISM instead (after you have unhided the packages) or use the tool in ONLINE mode. -These packages (removed with DISM) break Windows Setup: Windows Client Language Pack Windows Client Drivers Windows Common Drivers -Internet Explorer package removal breaks MMC (you can remove optional and troubleshooter packages). -Some packages cannot be removed in DISM (error 0x800F0805), but they can be removed with install_wim_tweak in Online Mode.
  8. PEBakery

    Build 20171216 Changelog - Fix TXTDelLineOp optimization bug - Fix NullReferenceException in System,RefreshInterface - Disable System,SaveLog when logger is turned off - Recognize "PathSetting=False" in "script.project - [Main]" and disable path setting. - Prevent possible UI exceptions. - "[Main] - Description=" line is no longer mandatory in plugin. - CodeParser.GetNextArgument will not slice argument with "". - Support legacy branch condition when compatibility option is set. - Support 4-argument 0x7 RegWrite. - Do not touch escape characters when setting variables. - Ignore the plugin itself in "[Main] - Disable" directive. It fixes a bug VMWare.script is uncheckable. - TXTReplace will be optimized to TXTReplaceOp if condition is met. - IniReadOp will set varible to empty string when key is not found. - Do not escape variables imported from interface. - Pressing Update button of LogWindow while building no longer crashes program. - Log stdout and stderr in ShellExecute,Hide. - Implement ShellExecute,Min. - Implement GetParam, PackParam. - Implement "#a" to track section parameter count. - Allow "-" in variable name, for compatibility with Gena_Meal. - Fix IOException in CopyOrExpand. - Fix UIParser to recognize tooltip in TextFile 1. Update to .Net Framework 4.7.1 PEBakery uses several libraries. Update of some library caused PEBakery to malfunction (problem with .Net Standard 2.0), so I had to update .Net Framework to 4.7.1. 2. [New] ShellExecute ShellExecute,Min added to execute programs minimized. ShellExecute,Hide will show and log stdout and stderr. 3. [New] parameter count token #a To deprecate PackParam, #a token is added. When used in command, #a denotes section parameter's number.
  9. iQ test ?

    Personally I don't think I am genius people. I wish I someone confirm
  10. iQ test ?

    Does this is test is fake? http://www.free-iqtest.net/ I have scored 160 but it has no option for 2002 born people so I choose 2001. It seems to me fake. As I scored 160 . http://www.free-iqtest.net/iq-score-guide.asp
  11. AGP compatibility is more complex than I thought. I found this old site though.
  12. That is a double edged sword. Like some really really older games. may not have frame limiters and the game plays too fast. But that usually isn't because of the Graphics card. Most of the time it's because those games are CPU bound, like DOS games. The only real cures for that is to run a ancient computer or run a CPU throttler program. There are various ones I probably could find some for you that will throttle the CPU. This is like very rare like if you are playing a game from the 80s or really early 90s that run in DOS.. Anyways The issue more is you run into a game that is more demanding and if you Graphics isn't fast enough you wont get acceptable frame rate. Which will make the game unplayable and laggy. Tom me anything about 30FPS is playble but like 60FPS is optimal. There are plenty of instances of that in even older games from the 90s. Like unreal. for example. Or just depending on the game, like if the game is more OpenGL based and your card is pretyy bad in open GL then ya it will lag.
  13. I've been referencing This the whole time. My sealed mobo contents only included a sort of quick reference manual which is more like a TINY guide, not the full documentation... kind of disappointing really. I wasn't implying PCI to be better or worse. I was saying there was a level of uncertainty in regards to my AGP speed. So to avoid any issue due to speed, I just went with PCI.
  14. Maybe you have a different manual than I do but my manual absolutely says it does. PCI is not more powerful than AGP. In fact its a lot less powerful. And its not any more safer or any more compatible. It's actually less compatible with games under windows. Under DOS AGP is transparent as a PCI card because AGP is a PCI specification. It simply can't take advantage of all of AGP features that doesn't mean that it doesn't nativly use it. It says. AGP Accelerated Graphics Port Interface Specification Revision 1.0, July, 1996, Intel Corporation. The specification is available through the Accelerated Graphics Implementers Forum at: This is my manual It says AGP 1.0 on page 89. Which is AGP 2x http://www.pcscomp.com/support/manuals/se440bx-2.pdf Go to wiki. AGP 1.0 3.3V 66MHz Speed 2× Trans/clock 2 Bus speed 533 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerated_Graphics_Port AGP 1.0 = AGP 2X Yes my manually says the speed it says its AGP 1.0 Spec
  15. Aside from my obvious processor FSB screw up/impulsive ebay purchase... I checked compatibility with all the hardware. Matrox and Voodoo's are too expensive and I ruled those out right away. I scored 2 New Rage 128 Pro's (PCI) for cheap. As far as AGP goes my MOBO documentation doesn't actually state the AGP speed. (to add to the confusion this motherboard manual clearly has images of different variants/versions with more features than mine has) Digging on forums from 2000-2002 seems to indicate an AGP speed of 2X, and this was noted down awhile back... and now that I think of it this may have been one reason I decided to go PCI route "to play it safe". I understand things are supposed to be back-compatible, but to avoid any potential issue I will just shoot for a AGP 2X card, get everything working hopefully, then switch to the "more powerful" ATI PCI cards I have hah. And I already sub to all the "retro" youtubers, of course! LGR was my first love, Phil is my girl on the side lol.
  16. If you want to learn more about 90s and early 2000s hardware good place is start watching all of this guys videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj9IJ2QvygoBJKSOnUgXIRA
  17. ok battery doesn't last over 20 years unused. The agp card doesn't have to predate it just has to be AGP 2X. 4x and 8x cards will work as long as they support 2x mode electrically and and are slot compatible, That means they are notched for 2x and 4x. These kinda agp cards have 2 notches. AGP 2x cards are notched towards the VGA connector 4x cards are notched towards the back. But not all 4x and 8x cards will work. Id say if its like Nvidia ge-force 2-3-4 they will work even though they are 4 and 8x becasue they are backward compatibble. ATI? Last ATI card that can go into 2x is like Radeon version 1. or Radeon 7000-7200. After that all of the Radeon Cards will only go in 4x-8x slots because they are not 2x keyed. Good cards for that motherboard are like Matrox G400 maxx, G400 Millennium, Rage 128 Pro, Rage fury pro, rage fury Maxx, 3dfx Voodo 3,4. 5 Nvidia tnt2-Geforece 2-3-4. Like when I build a computer I make sure that the parts I am getting are compatible it's more important with older hardware. Whether something predates or is newer never doesn't matter, what is important is parts always run in the specification or the motherboard manuals. Otherwise it is nothing but headaches. Or worst damaged hardware.
  18. I want to clarify my jumper situation. I have one jumper on my board, it's 3 pins. Pin 1-2 = Normal Mode. "BIOS uses current config and passwords for booting" Pin 2-3 = Configure Mode. "After POST runs, Setup starts and displays the Maintenance menu. This menu displays options for setting the processor speed and clearing passwords" (jumper removed) = Recovery Mode. "BIOS recovers data from a recovery diskette" *By "this is a good time to clear the CMOS" I am assuming you mean by replacing the battery? Because if the jumper is in normal position first like you suggest, there is no way to clear CMOS other than replacing the battery. There is no devoted 2 pin jumper to clear CMOS like I've had on previous MOBO's. There is only the 3 pin set I've mentioned. -------------------- And at this point I am only trying 1 stick of RAM at a time of course. The floppy cable was connected correctly. I forgot I have a second video card (same exact type though). I'll try both in different PCI slots now that we have clues that video might be the issue. I originally had my video card in PCI slot 1, next to the AGP slot, so that is interesting that you say NOT to do that. The kind of annoying thing is this super "sweet" custom build case from 1999 only has punch-out type back panels. So it looks like I will just have a bunch of empty slots in the back of my case. oh well. War is Hell. I will buy a AGP card that predates my motherboard to avoid compatibility issues hopefully. And I will buy a new Battery too. (The manual states the battery lasts 7 years with constant use. How long do they last sitting idle? I have no idea. I will replace it none-the-less. I assumed if the battery failed I would get a beep code for that like the manual states.)
  19. Yesterday
  20. I hope you get your retro build working. make sure you replace the battery with a new battery and you don't try to start the system with jumpers set incorrectly.
  21. Get yourself a decent 350W power suply and try using it instead of the 250W one you now have. This is not a very longshot, those old power suplies were far from reliable, if compared with the ones we have now.
  22. Unplug the power supply ( i mean unplug from the wall. Remove all of the expansion cards from the computer. take the battery out of the motherboard. Check to make sure the jumper for clear CMOS is in the default position and not to the reset cmos position. It most be normal operation setting. (this is a good time to clear the cmos) Remove all of the ram and insert only 1 ram stick in. Replace battery. Insert the PCI video card into PCI slot 3 or 4. not the slot next to the agp. Make sure that it is firmly inserted. Plug in monitor cable. Switch on power supply. Try to turn on the computer. If this doesn't work try another VGA card. Get a new Battery. Make sure the floppy is install correctly. The bend in the ribbon cable should be plugged into the floppy with the bend more on the left side not the right side.
  23. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

  24. First regular/weekly KM-Goanna release with known pre-release bugs fixed. https://o.rthost.cf/kmeleon/KM-Goanna-20171215.7z Changelog: Out-of-tree change: - update Goanna3 to git rev 92ca83173 1998c9c5..e2867829: - regen jsbridge files (5ca2ae6) - Update for Goanna (2ff1f9c) - Update ClearCache to cache2 API (6d2b3c2) - privacy: Update for cache2 API (746d1d4) - adapt mozilla.patch for Goanna 3 (85cf101) - Goanna xulrunner-sdk patch (a418371) - Goanna old resource:/// behavior patch (optional) (7414c8f) - Gestures: remove GDI+ drawing (cfc9d23) - add winEmbed to build (c992abb) - Fix: CanCopy() always returns true, use !IsSelectionCollapsed() instead. (d772af1) - winEmbed: Add Enter key "Go" function in ComboBox. (3a0d2e0) - update default prefs (fa9b565) - update app default prefs (75992d2) - don't use MOZILLA_BUILDID (bd6ba75) - console2: truncate long source line (e08e4ee) - Trying to fix About Cache Info (80304c1) - ditch super-long filename and let user enter new name instead (a32244b) - maybe just truncate at 240th char instead? (8b1dd6c) - gestures: tab to 4 spaces (ebec8bb) - gestures: prevent detecting gestures over plugin window (a797fe6) - adblock: add adblock to build (6508914) - adblock: fix link lib path for my environment (69839d9) - kmHelper: update to 76RC2 (9d81050) - kmHelper: add UserAgentOverrides support (dc86c5c) - adblock: exclude unused part from compilation, add missing return paths (3c48801) - bump KMELEON_VERSION (b366a79) - improve Copy Link Text (e286782)
  25. AIM Has Been Shut Down 15th Decemeber 2017

    Yes it is disconnected now for good. Fortunately, all the history still remains so I can go back to read conversations going back years because the client saves those logs.
  26. As far as i understood your MB specification, it use strict settings "AGP video" or "PCI video" during boot (not "AGP first" or "PCI first" as some other MoBos do). And the default setting is "AGP". So, you may be right. I hope that your build will start normally with an AGP video card installed. You may also try to test your PCI video card in a modern build (supporting PCI) as a second video card. To be sure that it isn't the cause.
  27. Thanks for the reply. I have two VGA monitors. Both work and can be tested with my laptop. So I'm assuming the bios isn't recognizing the PCI video card. I'll order an AGP card within a day and go from there, maybe an older PCI too who knows...
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