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  2. For me, the best browser on vista its UCBrowser, i received a update two weeks ago , fluid and stable,FF 52 feels slow using both at the same time. My Windows 10 drive died,so i stay on vista until my drive dies Overwatch runs on Vista fine, my cousin installed without problems,rockstar probably keeps support for gta v on Vista, at this point of his life i dont expect a major update like the crew with his new graphics,saddly vista support was drop, Battlefield 4 last UI Update works on Vista and let switch to Battlefield 1 on the game (i wish someone could mod the installer setup to make it run, 372,70 drivers add support to BTF 1 ,so , its possible run this game , ignoring the the old drivers and missing dll's )
  3. Do you make a bakcup of this thread on Web Archive site? that helps for people who dosnt find new page
  4. Nvidia Drivers Install on Vista

    ¿Your modding works? I tried run 382,x modded drivers, to get support for a new gt 1030 without success, installation window shows driver correctly installed, but after restart the monitor stays black, i hear startup sound ,but didnt get videosignal,only on safe mode
  5. Aero on Maximized Windows?

    ¿Using 3rd party themes maybe? i remeber at least 3 themes with that feature, isnt too dificult, search on Devian Art
  6. Today
  7. 1.5 GHz too fast for Windows 95?

    Thank you so much for the information. I suspect that CPUs faster than 2.15 GHz weren't available until at least January 2002 when Intel released newer versions of the Pentium 4 processor to include speeds up to 2.2 GHz which at the time was untested on Windows 95.
  8. Change Windows CREATIONTIME

    yes, Of course. you can open install.wim with hex editor and access to [1].xml file and easily change CREATIONTIME.
  9. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    Run the attached Program from DOS. Post the results. SCANPCI.EXE
  10. VBE does not work with COMMAND.COM. Safe Mode does not use Installed Drivers so neither VBE nor 82.69 are a factor. It can use limited Drivers specified in SYSTEM.CB. This allows SVGA and XGA, but not on all Video Cards. Use the original SYSTEM.CB File for Safe Mode.
  11. KernelEx for Win2000

    @blackwingcat Can you figure out what is stopping this application from running? https://www.fitbit.com/setup?platform=winxp It installs just fine with no errors, but running it is a different story. It says the instruction at "0x5ab7d465" reference memory at "0x01cdfffc" The memory could not be read. I bought some Fitbits today that I would like to sync up to my computer and I really hate the thought of having to pull out my laptop just to make this happen. I'm running your latest kernel extension as well.
  12. Thank you for the update to 1.5.5!! It's working great now!
  13. Below your name and avatar it shows Windows 10 x64. Do you have a system running 32-bit Windows 10 that requires the 32-bit version? Or, is there a reason you prefer using the 32-bit version of AeroGlass with 64-bit Windows? I hope that doesn't seem like a stupid question on my part, but I am sincerely curious since I saw you post it a couple of times. Am I missing out on something special in terms of aesthetics or functionality by using the 64-bit version instead of 32-bit?
  14. Thanks for saying something. I do not use Windows 10 UWA software for anything. (I remove just about all UWA apps from the ISO prior to installation, including Cortana, Skype, OneNote, etc.) I could have gone for the rest of my life and not known the items you mentioned are not working correctly with AeroGlass. Good catch!
  15. Thanks for the update! But it's still no 32-bit version. Hope you made it later.
  16. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I just need Virtual cd/dvd drive emulator, other than Magic ISO virtual drive, what you are recommend?
  17. This new version doesn't work in modern apps that use Acrylic (one of the components of Fluent Design) in its title bar like Paint 3D, Photos, Movies and TV, The Store, Calculator, Alarms and clock, Maps etc, in some of those applications you can not move the window from the titlebar, it also doesn't work on Microsoft Edge or Onenote. Works well in apps that don't use Acrylic in their titlebar like Settings, Groove, Mail, Calendar, Skype, Weather, Deezer etc.
  18. Anyway, in practice, without the RAM Limitation Patch (and possibly some other RLoew's patches too, in case the board be relatively new), the limit is about 1.5 GiB RAM, as my list clearly shows (and, by now, I do believe the few reports of > 1.5 GiB RAM without the RAM Limitation Patch may not be really stable, at all, just undertested). The method you use, @ragnargd, is xRayeR's... It relies on the fact that HIMEMX.EXE hides the XMS memory from windows. Then again, as soon as that RAM is really used, as in filling a XMS Ramdisk, the system will "crash 'n burn", so to say. RLoew has explained it in much more detail in various of his older posts, but, in a nutshell, that's it.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Change Windows CREATIONTIME

    No. Of course not!
  21. FYI, the crashes I've been experiencing when a dragging off a Chrome browser tab are easily reproducible on both of my Creators Update machines. Here are the steps required to consistently create an aeroglass dwm.exe crash by detaching a Chrome tab: 1) Open Chrome Browser, 2) Create 2 or more tabs on a single window, 3) Click and hold either of the non-leftmost tabs and drag it downwards to detach it from the main window, 4) screen freezes temporarily and then dwm.exe crashes and reloads, creating a mini-dump file every time. Notes: Dragging off non-leftmost tabs upwards or sideways does NOT produce a crash. Dragging off the leftmost tab, in any direction, does NOT produce a crash. The new aeroglass, otherwise, is running stable on my machines. I'm not using any custom atlas or themepack. I've installed aeroglass using the 'schedule.bat' method (so it's not running on modern app frames). Here is a minidump I just created using the above steps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oi819lfclqkzoq2/minidump-08-19-15-41-08.7z Thanks for looking into this BIg Muscle (and NoeIC or anyone else helping him!) -JT
  22. Hey folks. Never version v1.5.5 is up for Creators Abortion. The machine that was crashing is stable now. All is well... both monsterbooks are working great now. Thanks @bigmuscle - I sent you a few more thank you Euros even though I am all set for life on key creation capabilities.
  23. See Bios and Dos mode from Windows 98 is working, but i start command.com from Windows 98 im getting black screen, even safe mode. Maybe its drivers bug, VBE drivers has thing as known bug.. so it could be same with UND 82.69..
  24. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    LoneCrusader: Its clean installation, only INF were added later. Ok can we do something to fix ACPI enumerator, or this board is dead end? SIV or Unknow device identifier also dont see any other devices than already installed.
  25. Ok, i will response in Win9x compabitle thread.
  26. "Slipstreamable" Intel Chipset INF Drivers

    Possibly some miscommunication about removing devices in the various threads. Is this a clean install or a moved install? If it's a clean one you do not want to remove any devices that actually did get detected before installing the PCI Bus. Then after installing it more devices should appear. It is very strange that this is not happening, you may be right about something on that board not working properly. Newer systems use an ACPI enumerator before a PCI enumerator so that's why PCI Bus does not get automatically installed; 9X does not recognize the newer ACPI controllers and therefore doesn't know what to do with them. But I suppose we should continue the discussion of this system in your X99 thread.
  27. Yes, the INF's really only provide correct device names. A system should work just fine without them, but it is nice to get correct specific names to help identify problems and to prevent having a list of "Unknown Devices" and "PCI cards". All Intel INF packages are like this; none of them (even the old 9x compatible versions) actually contain any driver files such as .VXD, .SYS, .PDR, .MPD, etc etc. I will probably be using XP/XP x64 on the system as well when I put it into everyday use. Right now I have an adequate system for browsing online with XP x64 (P67 chipset) and I have it along with several other machines which need to have their contents archived and transferred to any newer system I would use on a daily basis. I haven't needed to move up yet, and I will have to set aside time to do so. Unfortunately I haven't had time to do any gaming with my newer systems yet. It's part of my plan, but real life and work and such always seem to get in my way and must therefore take precedence. Also doesn't help that my friends who I used to game with all have the same issues now. No, not a power problem with the OS or shutdown. A hardware power problem on the motherboard itself. I kept expecting it to fry, so I stopped fooling with it. I think this board was a RMA that an eBay seller somehow got ahold of (and of course resold AS-IS). I will check the USB3 ports later. If your USB Storage is not working you might want to read this issue I had with a X58 board and experiment with the BIOS settings that I found to be the culprit. Not yet. I will get to it eventually (probably not soon, other projects are currently ongoing).
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