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  2. Hey peeps, do we really need yet another burst of posts on this matter? And Dybia, you know how I appreciate your enthusiasm :), and believe me, I have a lot of sympathy for young people and for there eagerness to learn, their sometimes brilliant ideas, etc, but you shouldn't really make statements like "When back in 2013 I bought a new desktop" or however pose yourself as a long time professional user of any OS that was ever run in the world (unless you actually are one of those). How old were you in 2013? jaclaz
  3. As NT4 is not PnP OS, you don't need any chipset driver. for network card, there is limited choices that has NT4 driver.
  4. I was looking around for some defragging information and I found this article that was just updated yesterday - 27 June 2017. Maybe it might be of some interest to a few people. 15 Free Defrag Software Tools Reviews of the Best Free Disk Defragmenter Programs for Windows by Tim Fisher Updated June 27, 2017 Defrag software programs are tools that arrange the bits of data that make up the files on your computer so they're stored closer together. This allows your hard drive to access files more quickly. Defragmenation, in other words, can help improve your computer's performance by making the reading of files more efficient, thanks to the fact that all the tiny pieces that make up a single file are right next to each other. Still confused? See my What is Fragmentation & Defragmentation? for more help understanding what fragmentation is and why defrag software is helpful. Tip: All versions of Windows include a built-in defrag program, which I've ranked in this list. However, in most cases, a dedicated program, like any of the other free defrag software programs I list here, will do a better job. Note: I've only included freeware defrag software in this list. In other words, only completely free defragmentation programs - no shareware, trialware, etc. If one of these free defrag programs has started charging, please let me know. ...
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  6. When downloading the definition updater, there are the files "Readme first.txt" and "Info.txt", where the call parameters are described in the latter. MSE_DEF_UPD.exe /aig (To execute via the task manager) (as User "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM") Create a Corresponding Task in the Task Manager, and the definition updater is run at regular intervals.
  7. There was also an update for IE8 KB4032782 Info: Regarding Petya's nemesis since the user should not open each attachment at an e-mail, especially with unknown origin! It should with older Office versions not be opened attachments with rtf documents! With Wordpad under Windows XP, this gap was closed by KB4014793 in April 2017! More Infos:
  8. The test version of Windows 10 1703 is very buggy now. I will wait for the stable version of it.
  9. Would you like me to give a list of games aswell? @2008WindowsVista Im Happy to if you would?
  10. Do not provide links to illegally obtain copyrighted material. Despite the age of the data in question it is still under Microsoft's copyright and as such we cannot allow linking to it from this forum. eBay and other sources are your friends.
  11. Web Browsers Polarity Portable 8.4.4 (Last to Support Vista)(XP Supported on the Previous Version) Lunascape 6 GNU IceCat 38.8.0
  12. Yes,i can confirm this,i Had XP x64 SP2 in 2015 its super fast but many programs that support XP SP3 x86 dont support XP x64
  13. More over I believe 2K I slightly faster than xp but in modern hardware xp outshine 2K but that's ms fault not providing 2K multicore support . 2K is best for businesses but xp added all needed by a home user in shinny ui with cutting edge simplicity. Even people say bad of xp x64 but it is robust and highly stable also very fast . I can say xp x64 professional is rival of Linux being based on 2k3 server .
  14. They are all archived and freely available here: LINK REMOVED
  15. Agreed,Windows XP Best O/S ever followed by Vista,Im not just a vista fan boy,im speaking facts.
  16. Still people say it best for unknown reasons. Just silly fan boys . It is unstable unreliable what not to say . When back in 2013 I bought a new desktop with i3 8gb ram with original windows 7 pro when I found that shinny new pc booting slower than p4 style xeon in my room with xp . I just got angry . 7 has some wonderfull features * crashing maya 3dmax visual studio in middle of work . * crashing creative suit * taking long time to print over network * crashing cs go in multiplayer * what more getting some nasty bsod
  17. An inductor on an old Epoc BX440 motherboard had the bad taste to fry itself today, possibly because of two nearby capacitors that might have failed. I cloned the 80 gb drive (running NT4) and tried to get it running on any spare working board I can find. I have some old 661V31 boards, but can't get a bios on them that recognizes a drive that large. So I put the drive on a Soyo 845GV/PE board, and NT booted up but in VGA mode. I found an NT4 driver for the integrated Extreme-2 graphics adapter, but that's all I can find. When NT was running on the Epoc board, it had a D-link 530 giga-bit network pci card, so I threw that on the Soyo (disabled the Soyo on-board lan) and tried re-installing the D-link driver (have-disk method) but it can't find the card. I find scant evidence that there are / were NT4 drivers for some 845-based motherboards, but can't locate any corresponding driver files. I did find an Intel Application Accelerator that claimed to be for 845 and NT, and ran the file but got no real confirmation or indication that it did anything after it finished doing stuff and wanted to re-boot. Anyone know if there are 845 chipset drivers for NT4? Sitting on some obscure server out there, somewhere? Or is there a way to hack the win-2k INF files?
  18. Yes,its the biggest scam of 2009/10 fooling people into buying crap Windows 2000,XP and Vista are Quite Stable compared to it.
  19. my vista that has a hard drive boots faster than 7 on ssd its quite funny actually SSD isnt even occupied much LoL
  20. Okay vista is fast in modern system but it is not as fast as xp . At least far better than 7
  21. NT 6.1+* Win7 Win8 Win8.1 Win10(Junk)
  22. den - "DST changes in Windows for Haiti and Morocco". If Google can take streetview snaps of every street on the planet, why can't MS set its clock? All those people in Haiti and Morocco with the wrong file timestamps !! Well, maybe I'm being unfair. Petya might be tearing the world apart, but MS keeps its cool, doesn't lose its focus and gets those time zones right!
  23. Aah,its early in the morning maybe i missed it,my bad
  24. It's already added in an ONG subsection called "VPN Clients."
  25. You missed one thing,a software called tunngle supports XP SP3+,i posted it before maybe you didnt see
  26. It's just another timezone update. Scince no KB info has apeared yet, I don't know which timezone it refers to, but if it's not for Transnistria, I bet it ought to be just for the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.
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