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  2. Portabat (Portable Batch Environment)

    Holy sh*t thats serious one! frankly during my test I only knew that START has different behavior as it only wait child process depends on whether it is console/window executable "Putting it in a subdirectory of the 7-zip is (still IMHO) not only unneeded, but also an unneeded complication, however." because it quickly become cramped... root will be only for batches and user data, the exe subdir automatically *pre-pended* in %PATH% before %COMSPEC% run (so no complication, you still called them just by name) yes I'm aware of tcc and greg but, I don't naturally mess with non-OSS :D I will think about the ini file
  3. Today
  4. XomPie

    redirection manifest works best for pre XP (pre DEP), I thought you already know about it ("known dlls" issue)
  5. XP Apps Repository

    I don't know, my role thumb is not to build latest version (without bugfix): Dev: we proudly present new stable version 4.0 with lot new featuressss User: yipee new version. let's try it User: F*ck there is bugs!, reporting in Dev: we proudly present new stable version 4.1 with few new featuress User: yipee new version. let's try it maybe this is better User: F*ck still buggy!, reporting in Dev: Fixed that, here you go 4.0.1 (bugfix only) <--- good ... The same analogy apply to Windows 10 (free) Of course that's my POV as packager, as developer I will do the same as above I made the patch available, why don't you try it? it's same major version anyway (5.x) it shouldn't that different (the engine not so different since 4.x)
  6. Use these two INF's to replace the corresponding ones from my main INF package for your X99 system. Set your BIOS disk controllers to IDE mode. Get rid of AHCI for this test. Do a clean install of 98SE using "SETUP /p i" to get rid of ACPI for this test. Use rloew's RAM patch + SATA patch + SATA.INF. Install NUSB 3.5 when you reach the desktop to place the USB2 INF + drivers before detection. You shouldn't have to reboot here if no USB controllers were previously detected. Manually copy USBD.SYS from NUSB to WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS. Manually install "PCI Bus" and do not let the system reboot until it has stopped finding new devices and leaves you on the desktop. Do not install anything else such as NVidia drivers or USP3 before you reboot and verify that system devices have been detected and your HDD controllers are working. Report your results. Note for anyone else: the linked package is really for ruthan only; not all X99 devices were added, only the ones from his SCANPCI log. A full update to my INF package will come sometime in the future. Edited later to simplify USB/USB2 section.
  7. A bad customer blames my Software when he/she hasn't eliminated other possibilities. If there are unexpected problems, I wan't to know about them so I can try to fix them. This requires careful and sometimes extensive debugging, especially since I am not there to control the process. It becomes a lot harder when there are all sorts of Programs, Hardware or Settings that I don't know about. E-Mail or a product specific Forum is the standard way to provide Customer Support. Since other people have not had a problem installing my Patches, I don't think they are learning anything from your trials and tribulations. The Manuals are intended for normal usages and situations. They have proven sufficient so far. Extreme cases will always involve Customer support. I have two AMD970s working, so getting yours to work should not be so hard.
  8. You switch between AHCI Boot Mode and IDE Boot Mode using the BIOS. You can Install in either Mode. Install SATA Patch, ATA0106.INF and AHCIBIOS if in AHCI Mode. Install SATA Patch, and SATA.INF if in IDE Mode. You cannot change the Mode after Installation without messing thing up, if you don't follow the proper procedure. If you want to be able to change Mode, then Install everything for BOTH Modes when Installing Windows. Boot in one Mode to activate one set of Drivers, then Boot in the other Mode to activate the other set of Drivers.
  9. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Nice find . It was file Windows6.0-KB4034786-x86.msu, Microsoft Knowledge Base Article for that was on this link, which now returns a 404 type error (Try searching for what you need - This page doesn’t exist.). And it's nowhere to be found on catalog either ... Who knows what... (Un)fortunately, I never jump to install MS updates the first day they become available (for fear they have screwed up things... ), I patched my system on the 11th, i.e. after KB4034786 pulled a disappearing act...
  10. Few clarification to Conroe fixing, i dont have today enough time for AMD970, this i hope would be quicker. 1) So if understand it right, have to for installation (i want to apply this to existing installation ) start with IDE mode, i cant do whole process with BIOS - AHCI settings? Im right. Problem is that is not posssible when i switch my board to IDE mode, my SATA disc is not even detected, so to do whole process in AHCI mode, i already wrote that. In safe mode i now see only ATA0106, but not SATA controller. Do you mean switch where in the BIOS, or by adding AHCIBIOS to autoexec, or how exactly?
  11. PCI-to-PCIe-adapter work great!

    No, because to do so would make other parts of this thread not make sense when things are removed. While this post is not strictly on-topic, the original poster (ragnargd) asked a question directly of MrMateczko and received a response. Only later did MrMateczko attempt to use this system in an "everyday" 9x build. The post you quoted fits better here in its original context.
  12. And its really problem some controller in AHCI mode, when is not used for boot device, should it ends in same error.. Im quite sure that i have tried even both controller in IDE mode and it ended in same error, but i can test it once more, just to be sure.
  13. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    That's good news, thanks. Sorry for my even later response . My old BC account details are long gone, I just re-registered though, and posted a link to your tutorial. I'm sure it'll be well appreciated . Worked perfect for me, btw . --------------- Anyone else notice there was a KB4034786 originally listed in the Security update deployment information for August 8th, which disappeared less than 24 hrs later? MS must have pulled it for some reason or other, it can still be seen in Google cache.
  14. I still dont have 1 machine where are patches really working, or should i have to buy for licences just to find out such machine? I trying to use only Sata patch on multiple machines. From my point of view, your patches have lots of catches and too many notes and ancient development philosophy, but there is not real alternative, so im trying it. We could communicate through email, but i see that your here quite often and i think that this info could help other people to make patches working, there are info, which you cant find in manuals even when you will analyse them under microscope, i read manuals for all products, but some info wasnt so clear to me.. there lots other note, which could maybe help passages for taste.. Your patches has some history of fixing problem, i thing that i simply hit other unexpected problem and you could everytime say that was bad customer..
  15. The SCANPCI dump shows the Intel Controller in AHCI Mode and the Asmedia Controller in Legacy IDE Mode. Unless you set an Override in the BIOS, I would expect the Boot Device to be the Intel Controller.
  16. Ultimate 98SE PC - Ultimate Disappointment

    Unfortunately, based on test results that MrMateczko sent me, this Motherboard adds two more nails to the Windows 9x coffin, and I do not have enough Patches to cover them. There are not enough slots or BIOS Options on this particular Motherboard to put together a decent 9x System. If I can get an AHCI Driver working, it might become a minimally decent System for 9x. Unfortunately, the work LoneCrusader and I have been doing on USB3 has not gotten very far, so a fix seems far off.
  17. New systems introduce new issues that no one can foresee. My Patches, just like any other Software, cannot be guaranteed to work in such cases. I don't appreciate the accusations you keep making against my Software. You have yet to prove that there is any bug in any of them. MSFN is a general interest forum, not a Customer Support Department and certainly not MY Customer Support Department. I said that my Patches would support an AMD970 because I had two AMD970 based Computers using them. You encountered a lot of problems because you either didn't read the instructions, or had created problems before you even applied my Patches. Also, since you only bought one license per Patch, you are only authorized to use my Patches on one Machine each.
  18. Three possibilities, on board are two controllers: 1) it could be second controller used for non boot device.. 2) Is there even if it in IDE mode in the Bios 3) The Picture or log made in situation when i used Intel controller in IDE mode for boot device and Asmedia controller in AHCI mode, it booted fine with that configuration. I dont know to which information you are referring.. so its hard to say, but probably its point 3, or could you say if AHCI mode Intel or Asmedia controller? Diablo 1 was best, D2 had best combat systems, but too many colors, black paladin guy with thorns spell.. jungle and desert is wasnt same game, not dark enough. Diablo III is just copy paste business. Diablo is nice crawler like old Arcade games only in isometric view, i can stand when someone saying its rpg.. I even once wrote something about it and someone even translated it: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/edit/blog/item/219412/index.php
  19. The RTF was fine under Windows XP. I tried a AMD 770 Motherboard. It was much better at overclocking than the 970. I was able to get it to work, but it didn't seem very stable and there was something I didn't like about it so I returned it. The amount of RAM, once you exceed 4GiB, will not make any difference whatsoever. Having one, two or four sticks might make a difference in performance due to interleaving.
  20. DOS and 9X/ME on Z77 Test

    My Interrupt Fix only solves problems where the Mouse freezes, jerking once every 15 seconds, along with shutdown of other devices sharing the Video. not Mouse, interrupt, such as disk drives. The 7600GS might need the PCI Patch in my NVSIZE Package. Nothing new in the McKracken package. Try reading the entire thread.
  21. Clean installation: I changed videocard for moment for overcome that command.com black screen bug when is command.com executed on MSI Geforce 7950GT, its failing even with native VGA driver and its not possible boot with VBE with this card, i dont know if it is MSI problem, or Geforce 7xxx problem, but its annoying even on Geforce 220 or 970 is VBE and command.com running fine.. Something on this card is wrong and i have two of them. Maybe command.com is not needed and later discovered that is possilble to extract USP3 by 7zip and execute setup file manually. But important is that USP3 is not a solution, still not detection at al and i have installed all components what could be related to HW detection.. and see 2 most likely reason: 1) Simply there is on more component which needs to be added except PCI bus device to detect something. 2) There is still thing which needs to be done, for make computer able to detect HW which is failing on X99, but was executed properly on AMD970 system. --------------- Migrated installation: - after migration, there was USB device detection process, USB devices were recognized, but arent in device tree.. I removed all USB controllers, installed nUSB3.5 but im not able to redetect USB hubs and devices, same without nUSB.. USB controllers - Intel and VIA has resources problems, i dont know if could be fixed - there is that BIOS not give devices IRQ or not free IRQ available (pleas disable some device to free it). Could it be fixed? Controllers are on IRQ4. What is important except USB its working, shame is that i dont have any compatible PCI-E NIC for test network or PCI-E to PCI adapter to test PCI NIC and Audio card - both are on the way from Asia..
  22. The use of shared interrupts is one of the issues my SATA Patch has to resolve. The standard Windows setup does not distinguish between Legacy (separate interrupts) and Native (shared interrupts) mode Controllers.
  23. I only want to clarify that fix it by replacing GPU for moment is working, i used more modern GPU, installed VBE and command.com was working..
  24. Sphinx Windows er, 10, Firewall Control

    I don't think it's a big risk, and it far outweighs the other option: IP only. For example, Microsoft has a zillion IPs. How am I to restrict rules based on that? Even if we assume domain names are a higher risk, you need to strike a balance between security and usability. See UAC's initial incarnation in Vista.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Yes, I took a look at the ASRock H110M-DVS R3.0 manual. I will try AHCI later. My motherboard has four Sata ports and one IDE. IDE is installed by the Windows Setup as usual, with Protected-Mode driver (ESDI_506.PDR). The Sata driver has to use one of the shared interrupts. This is not compatible with PM-drivers coming with Windows 98SE, but Windows Setup tries to install a second Hard Disk controller, visible in Device Manager. Setting only this second Hard Disk controller to "No drives" during Setup (in between booting in Safe mode) gives Sata-drives running in MS-DOS compatability mode. XHDD.SYS is a Real-Mode driver and as such blocks PM-drivers of ALL drives. IDE Hard Disks will still running, of course in MS-DOS compatability mode. IDE DVD drives are not capable of this, unless using extra RM-drivers, but losing the ASPI-Layer means losing all Windows CD/DVD programs. During my holiday I remembered IOS.INI from my Windows 95 OSR1 days, experimenting with MS-DOS USB-drivers. At home, adding XHDD.SYS to the SafeList in IOS.INI did the trick, coexistance of IDE PM-driver and UDMA RM-driver. I saw SMARTDRV.EXE is by default on the SafeList, so thats why I didn't run in problems earlier. IOS.INI manual is in KB138899 or Q138899. Its hosted here: http://www.c-bit.biz/Q/138899/EN-US/ This old technology is ONLY of interest when using RM-drivers inside Windows 9x. Thanks for your interest, I wil continue experimenting after making a good test installation. For the moment I am testing on my almost filled up data&backup-drives. Much to risky. Once I got 800 chk-files with Scandisk when trying my old VT6421A PCI Sata card, another time Windows 10 (my dual boot companion) gave me 10 000 more! Does someone know a Win9x-compatible copy-speed test program? ATTO Disk Benchmark and Chrystal DiskMark are of no use for my experiments
  27. Backup program misbehaving

    I've seen that before. In one of the recent updates, MS implemented a workaround for a buggy 64-bit vorbis.acm crashing applications that loaded it. It wasn't mentioned in the changelog, it just happened that someone asked about the problem on Reddit and one of MS's engineers responded that the fix will be featured in soon-to-be-released update.
  28. Great memory! Even I forgot about that. That was a long time ago. It really worked well at the time. I only use Nvidia in all three of my PC's. Now, I only use one PC that has a GTX980 and a GTX960. 65" 4K/60 monitor with three 27's on a vertical stand right next to the 65. Denon Atmos/DTS-X. 7.3.2 speakers
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