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  2. Thanks blabely. Imanaged to do that before. But ur file has some scripts which are helpful. Also plz delete these files as they have ur windows keys inside. Once again thanks
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  4. Have you tried this?
  5. ^i tried this above but setup had a hard time configuring the system after completing the installation, almost all devices were not installed and it was just too complicated to figure out how to get everything back to normal. i went ahead and started from scratch and did "setup /ip" again, so ACPI was still installed, this time i was able to successfully get rid of the duplicate vga display adapter in order to get the other one with the exclamation mark that was conflicting with the main device which the exclamation marked device was the actual mobility x700 / firegl v5000 with hardware id of "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653". i can give the details and steps to this if anyone is interested. with that getting fixed and feeling more confident and optimistic, going with the catalyst 4.11 and selecting the first radeon x700 secondary shown through the have disk option upon reboot caused a black screen which is still black as of now after a half an hour or so, interestingly, the system felt like it fully booted to the desktop based on the way the hard drive was working and processing information through acoustics like it would when you are about to load to the desktop or just loaded into it, but the screen was just black this entire time, not from the splash screen but right when you load into the windows desktop part, it turns black. i choose the radeon x700 secondary because based on wikipedia, the clock and memory speeds were closest so i would have assumed it would work fine from that.
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  7. I obtained a USB Wifi Adapter based on the RTL8187 chipset which has a working Windows 9x driver without WDMEX. I thought I would use one that had working drivers and compare the results to what has been seen with the devices here using RT2870.SYS. The download speed is still garbage, it never exceeds 150KB/sec and floats around the 142~149KB/sec range so it appears there is some kind of "limit" at 150KB/sec under 9x for wireless LAN for whatever reason. This needs to be researched... Also, after a few minutes of downloading a large file I get a non-informative BSOD with a garbage address in it just as I get when using the RT2870 device with WDMEX. This may or may not be related to the speed "limit" if some kind of buffer is being overloaded or something isn't keeping up. Also noticed the USB Adapter was pretty hot after only a few minutes of use, I don't use WiFi very much so I don't know if this is normal or not. So whatever causes this BSOD is not related to WDMEX or the missing functions it provides for RT2870.SYS. A different BSOD that appears with the RT2870 devices does not appear with the RTL8187 however.
  8. Did you get sorted? I've attached mine for Home and LTSB as a referance Win 10 LTSB x64 BIOS_ autounattend.xml Win 10 Home x64 EFI_ autounattend.xml
  9. @2008WindowsVista: What you did to your Win8.1 looks really nice! How, exactly, did you do it? I wouldn't mind doing it myself, as I have 8.1, and don't like the default look too much (I've fixed it up and have got it to look somewhat like 7, which is okay, but I like Vista's look better). I guess it is wishful thinking to have Vista receive the same kind of KernelEx fun that 9x, 2000, and XP have had, given it's terrible reputation (which I find is more due to poor marketing and misrepresentation of the minimum requirements; as OSes go, it's actually quite decent, especially after some of the updates it has received over the years (SP 1 made it much more stable, I think)). c
  10. jre-8u121 has been released.
  11. Read this: Updating Win 7 SP1 with the Convenience Rollup and having Win and MS Update actually still work after
  12. Link to monitor specs. seperate sync (positive or negative), or sync on green. It also works with a crap emc 15" LCD monitor. I'll post specs on the Dell and the EMC if i can find them by tomorrow. Thanks for your help Bob
  13. It has something to do with the way the screen image is using a sync. I'm sure that the Dell screen was more expensive than the Philips, wasn't it? Edit: One screen must use a different sync, the green sync isn't used for some time now (darn we are getting old :P): "Separate sync: Uses separate wires for horizontal and vertical synchronization. When used in RGB (i.e. VGA) connections, five separate signals are sent (Red, Green, Blue, Horz. Sync, Vert. Sync). Composite sync: Combines horizontal and vertical synchronization onto one pair of wires. When used in RGB connections, four separate signals are sent (Red, Green, Blue, Sync)." Edit 2: Background raster = desktop background image I presume? I put my money on a sync loss than. Another thing might be that the resolution is too high for the monitor (at a certain refresh rate).
  14. Since we're in FF, I'd like to mention I was first really confused with the topic's name. I've read about this Lotus something for the first time... before that, I was wondering what Outlook has to do with good old chiptune Yet the topic speaks for itself...
  15. I have the DVI to VGA convertor and am wondering why it only works with some monitors? I don't think it's a sync problem as the background raster comes up after about 7 seconds and goes away after 30.
  16. I'm not sure why it did work on the other, might be that it doesn't use the sync on the green color, and has it's own sync. My mind is getting rusty so let's see if others can tune in here. Edit: By the way, those cheaper (10USD) "active" adapters don't do much "active".
  17. Hello Bob, I believe you are out of luck, as most analog signals are being removed from new video cards. Convertors from DVI-D / HDMI to VGA are as expensive as a good used screen that has digital inputs. My personal opinion is, drop the analog screens and look for some good used (or new) ISP/VA panel screens on craig-list; eBay seems to have less and less interesting deals on used computer parts. I'm using a 40" 4k screen on a nVidia 1060 card and dropped the dual screen setup I had before. -Ronald
  18. I got it to work with a 2005 17" Dell crt monitor ( just plugged in and detected ), now why won't it work with my 2007 Philips 109B65/27B 19" crt monitor?
  19. You should do a test install of the update it finds in Windows update, and from the windowsupdate.log you can see if it is actually installing the full update. I still have some images where SP1 shows up in the update list, but when installed from Windows update, it only downloads a 2-8MB file. The reason for this is that the update is changed on the Windows Update side vs what you have put into the OS, so it will download the part that is different.
  20. > I want to build a powerful retro PC that will have dual boot, XP and 98SE. Look into the Asrock 4core DUAL-VSTA and DUAL-SATA2 motherboards. Based on VIA chipset, there are win-98 drivers for everything except HD-audio. Win-98 drivers for SATA controller means you can set large hard drives to native/sata mode and you won't see the 137gb drive-size limit. Those boards have PCIe *and* AGP card slots so it will take either type of video card, and will take DDR or DDR2 ram. These are socket-775 boards. You'll probably have to look on ebay for them. These boards were sold new about 9 or 10 years ago.
  21. And - just for the record - another suitable tool is Registrar Lite, in an old version that you can get from here: Which has very nice search and replace features, still COA2 remains the "best suited" tool. jaclaz
  22. Hello, I can't find the link to download the updated version, it's not on the page where you normally have your downloads, would you have a direct link?
  23. The Platform Update(s) did add many APIs from 7 to Vista, but the Platform Update for 7 added APIs from Win8/8.1 that remain missing from Vista, so many programs still don't work with Vista, not to mention there's still some Win7 APIs needed that didn't get added to Vista (such as GetThreadErrorMode, K32GetProcessImageFileNameW, SetWaitableTimerEx, etc). Also, it's worth noting that many programs require Windows Installer 5.0, and Vista only received v4.5, so a lot of MSIs (i.e. VMware Workstation 11+ and Sketchup 2017) refuse to work in Vista. Perhaps it would be possible to somehow port Windows Installer 5.0 to Vista, but I don't see anybody doing it anytime soon...
  24. What about the Platform Update for Vista that Microsoft released in 2009 (and refreshed in 2011)? It adds Win7.0 API support to Vista SP2.
  25. I don't know what exactly you have in mind for your 98SE system, but be aware that the ATI X800 cards may have issues with some DOS programs (old DOS games WarCraft and WarCraft 2 for example; as of now these are the only ones I know). Most seem to work fine but it's something to keep in mind. Also I believe Dave-H here had some small annoying issue with X800 and X700 cards specific to his setup but he would have to elaborate further on it.
  26. Mount the image, and then using dism /add-package.
  27. The exact and the best way to convert PST file to NSF file is to use fax machines as there is no manual way to convert PST to NSF file. Some software will convert your Outlook PST to NSF in few seconds.For Further details follow and I hope you'll get the best experience.
  28. Two cad programs to run on win98. Both free for online registration, older versions of commercial software. Blue Cad 1.0 Cadvance 6.5 Firefox- the version I use is
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