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  3. First what you seem to call support when I'm asking questions that you originally directed me to contact you. If I was using a purchased Ramdrive and trying to do something with it then I would call that true support. Asking questions only the author knows about their product that they originally openly invited themselves into is a discussion. And even when certain questions were not answered I did not reask them assuming your reasons were because you felt you were not getting a purchase but then you wanted to know the results of the test programs which came out of my own time to confirm for you. As for what potential benefits the Ramdisk has then you should promote such information constantly as being unique to your product. Why would $2500 be the cost of a few days work? If that's the case then your only reason for writing your programs is about profit and not about supporting the 9X/ME community at large. Why even make those products to begin with if you aren't making the projected amount you felt you deserved in the first place? If a few days of work say 3 days = $800 or so per day. And you haven't even stated how long it took to make the Patch or the Ramdrive but let's say it took 1 year or $292,000 worth of coding time. You would have to sell about 14,600 copies of your product to even break even according to your worth. I kind of doubt you've sold that many copies. I'm aware of your reasons. That's why I gave you every opportunity to limit the program. And even a few MBs as would at least show the copying content ability without breaching or entering the full functionality of the program. As for actually passing I haven't tested a full 98SE install on it and I have suspicions of whether a newbie could do it since the break in formatting bootable 98SE disks is broken and perhaps even a manufacturer CD install will not work. If any indications your test could prove is the functionality of just the HIMEMX for you. And it's very doubtful anyone would buy the HIMEMX strictly for DOS because the only thing as you stated that sets it apart is the Win9X compatibility others lacked and the 64-bit memory. All other DOS functionality should be the same. But on Z170 the break in DOS compatibility on both hardware and software makes it less likely it a suitable system for using DOS or 9X/ME games. What PCIe sound card are you going to be using for 98/ME drivers or that supports EAX Advanced HD? Then for 9X/ME the break in PCI slots and possibly the drop of USB 2.0 eHCI will prove its death. I would like to see that happen. I'm sure there's always a first. Any invasion of privacy beyond the scope of the original release of private information is unwarranted. When someone buys something using a credit card I doubt they want their information tracked or reused to contact them. It's only a form of payment and not meant beyond that. If you're so open about your information then release your Driver's License, your Phone Number, and other social media accounts. We are discussing $20 vs legal fees with potential for countersuit to establish your own curiosity. Nothing is a sure thing these days and I would think you know anything is possible. Did you predict the Trump Presidency? And yet you thought that DOS couldn't copy a 4GB file. The only way to be certain is to test it. We predicted a 10th planet or the newly reassigned 9th Planet of our Solar System. We don't have physical proof it is there but until we do we can't really state for certain the 9th Planet. So even doing a simple test that probably wouldn't have taken a fraction of the time I did my tests for you would have been easily done. At first you mentioned you didn't have a USB floppy drive then later you did. I think you have a vendetta for past experiences you've encountered by legitimate people who did that to you that have nothing to do with me. But in this case you're barking up the wrong tree and wasting your time. As for licensing I think many of these so called 9X/ME users are buying 2nd hand copies off eBay so in essence they are "NOT" the original licensee and thus people buying these copies and then using your product are in fact breaking such licenses you hold dear. I had asked how long it would take you even add what I think would enhance your Ramdisk and you only threw out a McRib amount of additional zeroes for doing it which didn't actually state your supposed "coding time". I think my estimate of a few hours minimum was generous and respectful of your skillset but if you'd like to disagree with my assessment then go right ahead and give me a proper figure. And we were only finally towards the end discussing "an improvement" because all the others I had previously suggested you felt wouldn't be worth it due to the amount of time to accomplish. I gave you the simplest improvement to uninstall the Ramdrive(s) (drive letters persisting since you couldn't prevent this) so this would allow you to recreate the Ramdrives without needing to reboot. Sure it may save 3 minutes in some cases of rebooting but that's good code. Also if you are running Windows and exit back to DOS to rearrange a Ramdrive size or change them this would be convenient and then running Win.Com again. If say the conventional memory available was severely impacted by adding this code then I would agree not do it but I don't think this is the case. I had assumptions of your skill level so if my assumptions were overestimates of what you could accomplish with little effort then that is my fault for thinking so highly of you.
  4. Yes,i too love that fact that it supports vista,thats why i installed it and went through headaches of fixing the crash for it in the first place,but i cant load any videos or anything,so im wondering is there a specific way?
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  6. Correct. RFORMAT writes all zeroes to the FAT Table except the two 3, 4, or 8 Byte Headers.
  7. Very few things lack "a" standard as ISO9660 (which is actually a standard), there is no such thing as a "DOS ISO" (as opposed to "standard Windows ISO") the whole point is that each and every extension to the ISO9660 (including the El-Torito emulation) might have been interpreted slightly different by BIOS vendors and OS programmers and by the people that wrote iso making programs. If I wanted to make a DOS bootable 98SE CD I would already know very well how to make it, in several different ways, thank you, this: makes no sense whatsoever. jaclaz
  8. Try rereading what I said. It was getting apparent that you did NOT intend to purchase the RAMDisk. There is not much point to provide such a high level of support to someone who is not even a potential Customer. Only then did you claim to be a Customer. Only then did I ask you to prove it. Of course I would have refused to add your "improvements". A market of one is not worth it unless they pay full development costs. How often would you need to reallocate a RAMDisk and why? What about a more common user? The "additional features" are Windows 9x compatibility with >512MB RAMDisks and 64-Bit support. Neither is available elsewhere. This is my Market for the Product. $2500 only covers a few days of work. I would like to see you write one faster. Not all products are easily Demoed. Demo Patches in particular can be reverse-engineered and pirated. I cut back on Demos when some of my early Products were hacked. What kind of Demo did you expect. One that only allocates a few Megabytes maximum? You wanted to know if my RAMDisk was compatible. The Test Program proves it. The Test Program was not for general public use, just you and people like you on the forum. Most Programs don't have Demos unlike cars. Since the test passed, I feel comfortable in telling Customers that the RAMDisk is compatible with the Z170. No countersuit for privacy invasion would stand as no previously unknown information is revealed or improperly distributed. The penalty for Copyright infringement is much higher than 700McRibs. The Music industry often SETTLES for over 800 McRibs. You don't know much about Windows 98SE. It will not run if HIMEM.SYS or an equivalent does not work. I don't have to test it separately. I don't "allow" piracy, but I have to find out first and not all perpetrators are reachable. Why do you think I bothered to track down your copy? Licensing per Computer is very common, ask Microsoft. I seriously doubt that you would buy more Licenses for 386 or 486 machines when they do not have enough RAM to be a problem with Free RAMDisks. The ones I have seen suggesting a lower price were hypotheticals. I doubt they would have actually bought. Z170 buyers are not going to install Windows 9x, so selling my Patches at a discount is not going to increase sales. As I already said, a smaller market generally supports higher prices than a larger market. In fact, I could charge even higher prices if I developed fixes to make the Z170 usable with Windows 9x. I use DOS a lot. I still do not see a need to reallocate RAMDisks. Reformatting is more than enough. I already explained that the Video BIOS ROM only contains Code related to the DOS accessible VESA Modes and the PnP Function. It has nothing in it to support Windows. At best it might get you to the VBEMP level. You mentioned a year. I never said it would take a year to add your "improvements".
  9. There is no indication I said I was purchasing anything nor had any intent of any such Ramdrive. You wanted to discuss further regarding my comment when you left that response. Asking questions doesn't imply intent to purchase regardless if that is what was in your original thought process. I could have considered purchasing something if it were improved or some features of the Ramdrive you stated made it unique. Your answers helped make an informed decision. Had I heard you state you were going to add such features I may have bought it even though I wasn't going to fully utilize the program yet. Let's say I purchased the original state Ramdrive you had on the site. Then if I were to ask if you could add the modifications you could say no since I already bought it or the same responses you had already given as to why you wouldn't. I would then be left with a product that had no additional features because it would cost 700 McRibs for you to even consider doing it according to you. 700 McRibs go for around $3.50 a piece or roughly $2500 before tax. To me that seems a little absurd that any author would charge that much to even add something simple as an uninstall feature if that was the easiest method to code given all the other issues you brought up of why the other suggestions wouldn't be worth the effort. I asked if there was some Limited functionality or demo program that was handicapped or had some timer before being disabled to perform a functionality test to not break any rules or give you worries. If you had an actual demo program to perform verification of functionality just like your memory patch has a demo program that shows functionality before purchasing that would be suitable. Your utilities didn't verify anything as far my side of confirming the Ramdrive was functional on a Z170. Showing a bunch of misaligned garbage characters would not satisfy any customer's proof that the program does work on their machine. You may have coded the test program to verify for yourself but from a user's stand point this does not confirm anything nor does it give any incentive that the program will function according to their needs. If you went to a car dealership and the employee just showed you the hazard lights worked and the car horn tooted would you buy the car or would you require a test drive on a highway just to make sure it was at least functional? I would like to see the writing for Microsoft, Apple, or Samsung that says anything close to this that any of their software they could do such things. You may have a better chance against a business distributing copies of your program if you had found proof of some link of your program I agree but also if there were any kind of lawsuit that could be achieved on the other end it would be a countersuit if a customer or business wanted their privacy respected and out of some law suit they were to show proof in court then their countersuit would be worth more than the 700 McRibs you wanted and probably the entire profits of the program since day one. Then in this hypothetical you'd end with confirmed proof of ownership but also possibly at the loss of all your profits and legal fees. I kind of doubt someone would risk all of that over $20 someone paid for a program out of curiosity of ownership. And I never said that I had someone else purchase it for me. I was giving you hypotheticals for hypotheticals you were listing that anything is possible. Anyone can pay in any manner. Maybe even check or money order or whatever forms were accepted. Just like you were stating any person could illegally obtain your software through multiple means. That's not what I was trying to confirm. I was trying to confirm if himem.sys worked on the Z87 as it would give indications of whether DOS compatibility was broken. I never said it was impossible as one chance of it couldn't occur. I was saying that you wouldn't have allowed it so it would be impossible from that perspective. I never said I made "positive" references to your Ramdisk nor did I make any "negative" references to your Ramdisk either. I have consistently stated the only unique advantage that I can find so far is your 64-bit Non-XMS Ramdisk can allocate memory above 4GB for use with a Ramdrive and you even stated this yourself no other Ramdisk does this in DOS. Any suggested "negative" references on you part is insinuating that because the features I'm looking for that would add to your Ramdisk are not present impacts your Ramdisk's favorability among other people. What I did say was I had made "positive" recommendations about the Patch program in the past on other sites that were appropriate to the discussion relating to 98 and the memory limit issue. I even recall having said that even way before I bought the Patch because your Demo program at the time was available to test functionality. So how's that for a recommendation? Again these are theoreticals for theoreticals sake. But if you did make the ultimate DOS Ramdisk and I felt it was necessary to use on multiple machines including ones dating back to 386 or 486 I would purchase it in that fashion if I were to consistently use it for that purpose. But I would call that extreme on your part as far as licensing per computer instead of per individual. This is probably why people choose freeware to avoid such limitations. Well I've seen other comments aside from those two you speculated. It's they would pay the price you listed, they would pay less than that price, or they won't not buy your product at all. Like I said it was only a suggestion to help boost your sales and without the historical sales price and copies sold over time I couldn't give you an appropriate answer to increase your sales if you are saying sales have been constantly increasing each year since you've released your program. I never said I had a problem with the current price. I was speculating that Z170 beginning in 2017 you will begin seeing a noticeable drop in sales over time starting from 2018. A way to counteract a drop in sales might be to reduce the cost of the product. Also the hardware limitations caused by Z170 also make it less likely people would consider getting your program which is what I believe is the only reason to use your patch (for 9X/ME) gaming. Unless you have some solid proof otherwise I am incorrect and a majority of your customers' purpose for using this patch is for some unique non gaming 9X/ME software that cannot run in XP or later I'd like to hear it. Perhaps you are happy with the way the program currently functions. If you don't feel any improvements aren't required that is your choice. If another Ramdisk added this feature I would say that is considered a Pro. I doubt you are a true DOS user so this would not be an issue or priority. That's assuming it would even take a year. At most I would think it would be a few days or maybe a few hours at the least (my original assumption of your skill). As for Jaclaz he's just making a joke on the James Bond 007 and I don't think he's insinuating you don't deserve being paid for your time. Also how can you know if the reason someone is buying the program is not because of the added features which could have boosted sales? I'm not sure what that had to do with India but I'm sure Indians want better wages too. Ask Dibya the cost between Windows XP vs Window 7. He chose XP because it was more affordable. I doubt he would have picked XP had Windows 7 been cheaper to purchase. We would then not seen the fruits of his labor in getting XP to support more memory or browsers or Window 7 applications. I understood your point but if you extracted the ROM I would think it would help with making the Emulator more compatible in functionality. If you're saying that it's a complete waste to even extract any ROMs at all to improve compatibility in what you are emulating then I'd like to know why. If they could extract what was inside the GPU and recreate it in code it should act like the GPU but probably take a considerable amount of processing power. But given today's Pascal GPUs I think it should be capable of emulating an older GPU of the 9X/ME era. When they made DOSBOX any DOS software that ran on a 386 12MHz perhaps would require at least a Pentium 4 1.2 GHz to match the performance. A 98BOX video and sound card emulator project would be better suited with a large team of people and made to run in XP and W7 avoiding the DOS/9X/ME limitations. Trying to do this in 9X/ME would be a complete waste of resources even for you and seeing how even a small change of the Ramdrive needs you to expend a year to accomplish would indicate this as well.
  10. I tried your solution, and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much for the help. I shall now report this to the Pale Moon dev. I personally don't use the browser. However, I do respect the fact that it still continues to receive major version updates on Windows Vista, as browsers of that nature are getting more and more difficult to come by.
  11. i would just like to know,what is the use of using palemoon and how can one watch videos on it did find the fix but, never really used palemoon because it couldnt play any videos and many addons didnt work on it.
  12. That's what I was referring to making the CD ISO in Pure DOS. I found it later in a reference but those DOS ISOs will only work in DOS. Making a standard Windows ISO works in both. If you wanted to make a DOS bootable 98SE CD just use the 98SE as the template and remove all the setup files and put your floppy files onto it.
  13. Microsoft don't consider that Windows 10 is a they are not likely to care about any small thing like possible security problems... bookie32
  14. You need "Dependency Walker"
  15. Well, Windows 10 is really easy to theme, and applying 3rd party themes is really simple given the proper instructions. I have created a toolkit with much input from people on VirtualCustoms. If you pm me I can give you the link. It works for every build of Windows 10 except x64 builds. I am running RS3, so I am way ahead of the game so far as transparency is concerned. I actually haven't had any transparency in quite a while. It is not necessary even though it looks nice. Anyway, I am running Aeroglass as a Service. It helps with the 3rd party themes. Version works really well on RS3, but again it has no transparency. Believe me, transparency is not an integral part of the operating system. Here is a screenshot of my System folder using a theme called Poison by Mr GRiM!
  16. I have no clue what is on Windows 10 Creators Update as I have been on RS3 for so long now. I am currently running build 16226, and I must say they keep getting better, and better. So, in Settings they now have these really cool effects.
  17. Sadly, I'm on 32bit Vista HP SP2, so can't test this myself - but I did download "Palemoon-Portable-27.3.0.win64.exe" and extracted it with 7-zip. File msvcr120.dll that ships with it is on version 12.0.21005.1 (dig. sig. 20131005), which is already outdated, since MS has issued several updates to it; their "Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable" package was on version 12.0.30501.0 (dig. sig. 20140501), while update KB3138367 installs version 12.0.40649.5 (dig. sig. 20160216). But I think your issue with Palemoon x64 on Vista/WS2008 falls into what is described in Update for Visual C++ 2013 and Visual C++ Redistributable Package : Vista/WS2008 do not support AVX state saving, hence (outdated) msvcr120.dll crashes... Install KB3179560 (dig. sig. 20160707) from that page (I would suggest both x86 & x64 .exe files, English - US locale), delete msvcp120.dll & msvcr120.dll from the "Palemoon" directory and then reboot - palemoon.exe 64bit should be able to load the updated versions of these dlls from System32 - if not, do as advised by burd Hope I've helped
  18. Who is the best moderator to contact regarding moving these last few posts regarding Vista updates?
  19. Actually, I did mean to post it in that thread. Perhaps a moderator could move it for us And guess what, I'll bet that I was the first one to even entertain the idea of manual extended updates for Window 8 from its "server" counterpart. NO ONE was even discussing the idea before I brought it up. And immediately at the time, I thought to myself, I wonder if that could be applied to Vista. Remember, this was October 2015. Even when I mentioned it on the DM Forums for Windows 8 and Vista, members there poo-pooed the idea. So I would put serious money down that I was among the first to even think of the idea.
  20. Greetings from tropical Greece (36 Celsius as I write ). I really think that post should have been placed in the Updates Thread , the one you started! Well, no-one claimed exclusivity here, it's not like someone's discovered a new element, given past experience from POSReady updates ported to XP (and Server 2012 ported to Win8). Perhaps the "Sardoc" person did, in fact, got his/her idea from us (in which case a mention would've been proper), or perhaps not; either way, it's not like "water been spilt on sugar" (Greek proverb!). What I'm worried the most is the event Microsoft block the installation of WS2008 updates on Vista, as they did with their "Malicious Software Removal Tool" - which will run on WS2008 but not on Vista, despite both being Windows-6.0 .
  21. Yes, 7.4.2 crashes by the attempt to open a write-protected txt file here too. It doesn't crash on Vista. So probably it isn't a new bug of notepad++. GetLogicalProcessorInformation comes first with Vista and XPSP3. Hence the OS requirements go up for notepad++.
  22. Another (small) thing that should probably be taken care of (seemingly the good MS guys do not consider it an issue), clipboard access on locked system: jaclaz
  23. yes,its needed to work under vista,i had previously posted a topic stating palemoon and logitech gaming software wasnt working or crashing(stopped working close program) i had to replace the msvcr120 file for palemoon and for LGS i didnt need to do anything it fixed itself. Only VCRedist 2013 is needed to fix these two.
  24. Exactly what my re-tweaker script does. Problem is, do it - forcibly remove those Apps - and the system becomes un-updateable thereafter. That's new with v1703 "Creator's". They've finally reached a level where the "inbox" Apps must remain installed or the system just flat refuses to update. That being said, it IS possible to disable much of the App infrastructure and tweak the system so that it remains private (I've finally accomplished it) AND have the system remain willing to accept a Windows Update. That just means more gigabytes of wasted disk space then. But I can see we're heading for a brick wall straight ahead. Once it gets to the point where we get to "don't touch it at all or it will just stop working", I believe I will just stop trying. I don't use Android or macOS at all now because I have no use for them, and Windows becoming that touchy just seals that deal for it as well. It will be the ultimate indication that Microsoft has gone where I cannot follow. -Noel
  25. So far second one is happening. It is hell on earth to compile FF54x64
  26. Are you sure ? I never faced such on xp with Extended XP
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