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  2. @glnz Property with pCloud me a free account created, the pCloud software for Windows XP v3.1.1 installed and several tests made without the Explorer any crash has. Tested between my host and a virtual machine. What kind of virus scanner are you using? (Can remind me that Avast was installed with you) The current Avast was all the more Proleme I had under Windows XP, until I could not even change an existing WinRAR archive with WinRAR later. It started with storing Word files under Office 2003 with a error message then were defect, until the Avast thinks the certificates to test from the websites on which I surfs (Man in the middle attack) with the result that many websites no longer Could be opened. This has absolutely nothing more in common with a security gain, it's more an attack on my security and system, for this reason I'm back to version 8. You should not push any problem on the POSReady updates. Above all, it seems easier to find a culprit.
  3. You can easily patch XP to use RAID5 that will allow using big drives . My 4TB was perfectly usable under xp on my skylake pc but unfortunately system died .
  4. You cannot move kernel32 from one os to another , they depends on internal kernel structure . How much vista and se7en seems equal they are not in respect of many places of internal structure . Same way you cannot use Kernel32 of xp in 2000 but for unknown reason 2k3 sp1 kernel32 work on xp with respective ntdll.
  5. Yes you can install XP sp3 then install sp4 setup exe
  6. Team MSFN - I tried twice to install pCloud on my XP machine and it crashed explorer.exe both times. Uninstalled both times. Is there any chance that the POS updates might somehow interfere with it? I wanted to try pCloud because I need a replacement for the free versions of Cubby and SugarSync, both of which were discontinued. They gave me PC-to-PC Immediate Folder Sync over the web (as well as a cloud-related "drive"). Thanks.
  7. Sorry The contributing e-mail account I am good for the author who wants to erase the mark which appears on the lower right of the screen and the dialog to recruit contribution later, too, and request.
  8. but OS needs some IE components you can see which ones are protected if you go delete them manually
  9. According to the changelog there were "Touch friendly popups which make it easier to interact with". It's possible that the pop-ups were not tested on XP, or that the Skype client itself was not tested on XP (very likely). Further complicating matters is that XP doesn't natively support touchscreens per se. Using software created by Microsoft could be problematic these days, specifically since they dropped XP support; they have no incentive to make the experience on XP enjoyable.
  10. Thank you I will give it a try. I know win95 did not have this issue (as far as I can tell) Not sure if there was a patch for that but win95 never posted to the Safe mode screen when it was improperly shut down. I am not sure if that had anything to do with tweakUI installed on it or now. But I know win XP and up can be edited to stop that from happening.
  11. I almost tried that when you pointed out the possibility some months ago. I could have created one 8 drive array which would have been a bit under 4 TB total (8 x 480GB), and set up one nearly maxed-out 2 TB C: partition and one V: partition that had all the rest of the space (or just divide it in two). Once done, I'd have had to restore my System Image backup to the C: volume. THAT I know how to do. However I fell short of being confident in what commands in what application I could actually run to create such a "stretched" MBR setup. It's not something I do every day. And even trying it would have been destructive, so I just chickened out and created two 4 drive arrays. The advantage that pushed me over the edge was that the two array approach involved almost no downtime. An advantage to a single array, partitioned as above, is that any large I/O operation would leverage the performance of all 8 drives, vs. only 4 at a time. I don't know whether that would practically offset the benefits of being able to do small I/O operations to two different 4 drive arrays simultaneously. Possibly not - much of what Windows does are relatively small operations, and I have since discovered that both 4 drive arrays can simultaneously do small I/Os at very nearly the same rate of small I/Os with one 4 drive array. It could actually be that I chose the best performing path for the wrong reasons. Still... One day I may yet test your theory. -Noel
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  13. Mace who made contribution in thanking you and stopped paypal The ID is The zip code 299-3237 The remittance name satosi tanaka ( 田中 聡 ) It is Akira ). It asks, being good. It is looking forward!
  14. OK. bigmuscle will reply soon.
  15. I contributed about 3 days before in paypal. However, the e-mail doesn't reach yet. It may be that further contribution is necessary. The contribution is " satosi tankaa] ". ( Tanaka ) In the name of Akira ), the zip code is 299-3237. It is 3 euros.
  16. 意味さない
  17. Has anyone else updated to the latest version of Skype, which is 7.32, and had display problems on XP? They have updated the look of some of the menus, and although it is still supposed to be compatible with XP, it is unusable in my experience. The problem starts if you try and use the right click menu on the system tray icon. The first time I do this it's fine, showing the new white popup menu correctly. After that though, it all falls to pieces, with the conversation pane in the main window showing large blocks of black, which only come good if the cursor is hovered over them, and the system tray icon popup menu likewise black. It's also corrupting the Windows menus on my system, such as the right click menu on the desktop or any of the desktop icons, also the dropdown menus on some programs. Once it's like that, only a reboot will put it right. Going back to Skype version 7.31 fixes it completely. I'm seeing this on two Windows XP machines, with completely different hardware. I've asked on the Skype forums about this, and the only person who has responded cannot see the problem. Can anyone else confirm it? Thanks, Dave.
  18. I contribute about 3 days before in paypal and the e-mail doesn't reach yet for free. The one of the westerly wind or もりんれない 、 being if not doing much contribution of だらに ( - _- ; )
  19. Oh, they are hidden... Fancy that.
  20. Hmm...I guess you are talking about the one when it defaults to the Safe Mode, if Windows failed to load. I don't think it can be removed altogether, but try this workaround (if it works at all, never tested it) In MSDOS.SYS add/edit these under the [Options] section: BootMenu=1 BootMenuDefault=1 BootMenuDelay=1 It will load Windows in one second, while displaying the Boot Menu every the question is...will this override the "failed load" boot menu...:/
  21. Sorry about my late response. Is there an updated master list of bad KBs for Windows? Thanks!
  22. You are expected to get used to the things you are trying to get rid off. Even if you won't, your friends will. People knowing, what they expect form OS are minority. LTSB is for embedded, and no one's expected to see OneDrive nag or ads tile on a ticket vending machine
  23. This should be added to the first post. As well as an information about .NET/ Silverlight related things. I once wanted to write quick guide and started, but I failed.
  24. OK. So just install a clean new copy of XP SP3 again, which presumably you've done before, and then update it by running the Service Pack 4 installer. That should be all there is to it.
  25. You can find *anywhere* a full description of a MBR. Briefly: The MBR contains a partition table. The partition table contains four entries, each 16 bytes. Each entry describes a partition and contains 4 set of fields (not in this order) check any partition table description: 1) boot/no boot (i.e. hex 80 or hex 0) 1 byte 2) partition ID (1 byte) 3) CHS data, two fields, one describing the start address and one describing the end address, CHS addressing is nowadays obsolete, but it takes anyway 8 bytes. 4) LBA data, two fields, one describing the start address and one describing the number of sectors, each field is 4 byte, and as such it can at the very most represent 2^32-1=0xFFFFFFFF or 4294967295 sectors. Thus the limit is: 4294967295*512=2,199,023,255,040 bytes A good question would be what happens if one creates on a (512 bytes/sector) hard disk two partitions, one starting on LBA 2048 and extending for (say) 4294967295-2049=4294965246 sectors and a second one starting on LBA 4294967294 and extending for 4294967295 sectors? Would this move (with the limitation of the two partitions) the limit by another 2.2 Tib? jaclaz
  26. Hence: 4 bytes = 2^32 values LBA (= linear number) od *sectors*.
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