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  2. has anyone actually tested and confirmed youtube working on 98SE? i just tested it yesterday on firefox 3.5.19 with flash 11, pentium m 780, 1 GB ram, geforce fx go 1400, i typed "&nohtml5=1" at the end of the video web address and it wouldn't work like it used to a few weeks back when i last tested. have they changed another thing in the web browser to prevent us 98SE users from getting youtube to work? i also noticed firefox 3.5.19 crashing and asking to see if i wanted to disable flash, adobe reader and some other options, it was running slow and unresponsive at the time i tested yesterday for some reason, maybe it's ff 3.5.19 specifically and perhaps firefox 9.0 would work better? reason i use 3.5.19 specifically is because it is the newest or one of the newest web browsers that still supports java and i've been longing to keep that because if there are many websites that require it somehow, then it would definitely help obviously, although if there really is much of no use for it, i may just remove java completely from my archived 98SE contents and just add in a newer web browser. anyone know what sites or things really require or use java? i know asks for it, only needs flash player i think.
  3. Beta channel has been updated to, and is confirmed working with Google Chrome on Windows XP.
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  5. Hopefully he's just really busy IRL and will return to the project once things clear up. But you never know.
  6. My take is similar: if 4Kb sectored disks (either virtual or actual) do work with both plain-vanilla FASTFAT.SYS and NTFS.SYS, as we know they actually do, at least in the case of WDC My Passaport external USB HDDs, then they oughtn't to require any patching, and perhaps a revised/special version of UNIATA.SYS might be enough to get internal 4Kb sectored disks ATA HDDs working, too, and put within reach the 8 TB limit (when such HDDs become available at reasonable prices, of course). Just my 2¢, of course, and no disrespect to anyone intended.
  7. I use the wireless adapter to connect the laptop to home router, therefore granting it internet access and making it part of home LAN. By bridging its wireless and wired adapter, I can connect the desktop computer to the laptop's ethernet port to make it part of the LAN as well. The only catch is, one computer must have manual IP settings, if both use automatic settings (DHCP), they get the same IP address. The problem that I had that is gone now, if the "Connect automatically when this network is in range" checkbox was checked in the properties of the wireless connection, the connection would be dropped in about 15 - 30 seconds (I don't remember exact time). Until then, both computers could normally access the internet. Trying to re-connect would again make it work only temporarily. When I went and cleared that checkbox and re-connected, the connection stayed. I just had to manually connect to it every time I turned the laptop on. Only when the Creators Update released, I tried again to see whether it would work with that checkbox checked, and indeed it works now as expected. There were no other changes that I'm aware of. The only tips I found at the time was to check power-saving features on the wireless adapter, manually enabling promiscuous mode and changing roaming sensitivity level, but since they didn't change anything, I reverted them to default settings. When you have the bridge, IP settings are managed from the properties dialog of the bridge, if you open the properties of the actual network adapter that is part of the bridge, it will just tell you to configure settings from the bridge's properties and give you the button that takes you there. So if I had things configured manually on the laptop, I would have to input the same IP settings in the bridge's properties as I would in wireless adapter properties if I didn't have the bridge setup and would only use the wireless adapter. In both scenarios, I deal with only one network, home LAN, bridge just allows me to connect the desktop to the LAN since I can't connect it directly to the router with the way things currently are in my house.
  8. But I am missing why they should be patched (not for 4Kb sectored drives in themselves, as said the MS VSS driver works fine with (virtual) 4Kb sectored disks under XP and BOTH FAT and NTFS), maybe for larger than 2.2Tb disks which expose a 512 byte sector size? But then the MBR objective sector number limit would come into play again and you would need GPT. (which BTW can be normally accessed using the existing Paragon loader/driver): which is not free or freeware but all in all - if really needed - is only 20 bucks, and anyway doesn't seem to include any patched (or new) FASTFAT.SYS or NTFS.SYS. If you want to test the VSS driver, see here: And still noone with an actual >2.2 Tb disk (i.e. the potential users of this) has actually tested the idea in this post: jaclaz
  9. @rloew will patching fasfat provide high disk support those who use ntfs ? Obviously not. Assuming the experiment works, both FASTFAT.SYS and NTFS.SYS and any other File System Drivers would need to be patched.
  10. Not knowing exactly what you had experienced, I would guess it is related to how the OS can only have 1 gateway at a time. It doesn't matter if you are connecting two interfaces to one or two to two. When using automatic settings, when you connect to a new network, it will use the gateway as assigned by the DHCP server and then the existing gateway will no longer be used and the new one will. It can switch anytime a renew is done. The outward appearance to this is that you can "lose connection" when using a setup this way. It is not recommended to connect to multiple dhcp servers unless they are specifically set up to allow full access on both networks, or to use static IPs where one has a gateway (usually for internet traffic) and the other does not. This is not limited to Windows.
  11. What resources are being used by the CDROM Drive?
  12. While I see you're referring to major security (and other) updates for the whole OS, I have Windows Defender enabled and I still see that "icon" pop up in the tray area to prompt me to install def updates for WD; and if you happen to have installed other MS products for which MS support is still ongoing, then, I assume, that WU icon in the tray area is still relevant...
  13. Not sure about KernekEx, but using BWC's Extended Core, I can run the latest Firefox ESR on 2000 perfectly. At one point (with an older version of Extended Core), bookmarking didn't work, but that seems to have been fixed in the most recent update (I'll have to test more thoroughly, but the stock bookmarks do show up now, and they didn't before, sooo...) c
  14. Here's another mystery when it comes to Windows 10's File Explorer. For those not familiar with Link Shell Extension, it adds functionality for managing NTFS hardlinks/junction points directly in Explorer's context menus. In addition, it alters those files/folders icons that are actually hardlinks, junction points etc. so they can be distinguished from regular ones. But on Windows 10, the icons remain the same, the correct icon is displayed only in the file's properties. The question is, why is that?
  15. You need a mouse with at least 4 buttons for this to work. Mouse buttons 4 and 5 usually function as back/forward buttons. Navigate to any folder, start renaming a file/folder, right click on the text box to open the context menu, then press mouse button 4 (back). If there is a previous folder to go to, Explorer will crash. Any application that uses its standard open/save dialog can be crashed this way as well. That's right, you can crash one of the core Windows components by simply "pressing the wrong buttons". And the bug isn't present in Vista! And somehow, nobody noticed at MS or maybe even worse, thought it wasn't worth the hassle to fix.
  16. thanks sasza for your explanations, that closes the search for me: windows vista update icon belongs to memories
  17. Keep this topic . We can experiment much with browsers
  18. Youtube/ HTML5 runs very well on the machines one, two, three, of course with 360p only, until I e.g. call a new tab or start a program. This leads to interruptions. My used Nvidia drivers 82.16 and 82.69 support OpenGL 2.0.1, but not OpenGL ES, 2.1 or newer.
  19. Allow me to doubt that the Board Supervisor can lay off. Maybe you (and the bunch of people) could make a petition for assigning to Dybia a special license allowing him to post whatever he see fit wherever on the MSFN board, but usually the Mods (and the Supervisor) have this queer attitude about having members post on topic. You know how these old people tend to think along traditional schemes ... jaclaz
  20. JFYI, you can do anyway a clean 98 install by installing from hard disk (actually this is the way most experienced people usually install it as it much faster than from CD and has the advantage of having the files available in case): see if you can use the CD in real mode:;en-us;189526 Then as always you will need to try some different drivers, but how is the CD-ROM connected? (I seem to remember issues on that Intel Controller connected to primary/secondary and master/slave settings ) jaclaz
  21. Have a nice Dell 5150 that I had put Windows 7 on and had running pretty decent, realized that the chipset on it is an 850PM, so I thought hey what the heck, lets see if I can get 98SE on there and running good. General hardware: P4 3.06Ghz Intel 850PM chipset Sigmatel 9750 audio Nvidia 5200FX (32mb) Broadcom 440x ethernet Broadcom BCM94306MP Wireless card 512mb ddr1 333mhz 40gb Fujitsu HD Quanta SBW-242 optical DVD/CD-rw drive Here's the problem, I put an image onto the drive (image of Dell D600 with 855 chipset) and upon first boot it detected lots of hardware, lots of loading & reboots later it gets to desktop and appears to function fine, however there are some problems, the biggest one being that it does not detect the optical drive. I tried installing Intel chipset package (final 98 intel chipset package) and it loaded drivers for some things like usb controllers & such but did not fix the issue of not seeing the optical drive. (Which works just fine to boot from BIOS or in any other OS, etc. Also I tried a clean install but it couldn't finish because at some point it can't see the optical drive and continue the install after it reboots, wants files from the cd to continue but can't see the drive to use. I did this on a separate hard drive and then popped back in the original that I imaged when it did not work.) Under DM, I have under hard disk controllers; Intel 82801DBM Ultra ATA Storage Controller - 24CA - looks fine no exclamation. Primary IDE Controller (dual fifo) - this has yellow exclamation, says device is either not working properly, not present or does not have all drivers installed. Does not say it has any resource conflicts. Secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo) - looks fine, no exclamation. It seems that this issue crops up on laptops / notebooks as I was trying to research a fix, others seem to have had variations of this problem as well, but found no real fixes for it.
  22. @rloew will patching fasfat provide high disk support those who use ntfs ?
  23. UNIATA does work as promised. I can access >2TiB through the ASPI Interface. This proves that ATAPI.SYS, even the Windows 2003 SP2 Version does not support READ(16)/WRITE(16). I still do not have access through \\.\PHYSICALDRIVEx though. I will have to Patch FASTFAT.SYS to see if it can reach UNIATA without truncation.
  24. if you people want i will change this thread to main Extended Kernel thread . I need some volunteer can i have one for the purpose ? can some one check dependency under extendedXP ? Time came to experiment with SRW api . I can recreate same problem under vista compatible version of KernelEx by blackwingcat with win2000 it seems srw api has allergy on NT5.x i have to find some other implementation . One thing BWC implementation are identical to mine but i added in ntdll but he/she did it on kernel32 . Same happen when i add it to server2003 it seems my above statement is true . Edit : Replaced SetThreadStackGuarantee(stub) with implementation Edit : I think my user32 is a culprit i need to see over it today
  25. Dude, could you lay off? I'm [and a bunch of people are] perfectly fine with him posting browsers that work with the extended kernel and others may need one day. Windows XP is only become more and more obsolete as the years pass and eventually could end up being a hassle to browse modern websites like 9x and 2000. And Dibya, don't listen to those who are discouraging you! Your kernel extension is one-of-a-kind and will be a lifesaver in the future!
  26. @jumper thanks for info
  27. Sorry dencorso i have a old problem i cannot dis believe any one thats my great issue . I never share hoax so i never take it easily that other are doing it . When i first started this type of project do you people remember @PROBLEMCHYLD said many wrong to me ? He and few wanted to say me also a con artist but i proved it that i have skills . I am not a faker rather a real programmer who work for benefit for his community I can understand man . i would love if you look after this api AcquireSRWLockExclusive AcquireSRWLockShared InitializeSRWLock ReleaseSRWLockExclusive ReleaseSRWLockShared TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive TryAcquireSRWLockShared if you can find out equivalent api present in xp i will love it . Wine version is also causing problem donot ask me about ms one that do give BSOD rather nothing
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