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  2. If you want to learn more about 90s and early 2000s hardware good place is start watching all of this guys videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj9IJ2QvygoBJKSOnUgXIRA
  3. ok battery doesn't last over 20 years unused. The agp card doesn't have to predate it just has to be AGP 2X. 4x and 8x cards will work as long as they support 2x mode electrically and and are slot compatible, That means they are notched for 2x and 4x. These kinda agp cards have 2 notches. AGP 2x cards are notched towards the VGA connector 4x cards are notched towards the back. But not all 4x and 8x cards will work. Id say if its like Nvidia ge-force 2-3-4 they will work even though they are 4 and 8x becasue they are backward compatibble. ATI? Last ATI card that can go into 2x is like Radeon version 1. or Radeon 7000-7200. After that all of the Radeon Cards will only go in 4x-8x slots because they are not 2x keyed. Good cards for that motherboard are like Matrox G400 maxx, G400 Millennium, Rage 128 Pro, Rage fury pro, rage fury Maxx, 3dfx Voodo 3,4. 5 Nvidia tnt2-Geforece 2-3-4. Like when I build a computer I make sure that the parts I am getting are compatible it's more important with older hardware. Whether something predates or is newer never doesn't matter, what is important is parts always run in the specification or the motherboard manuals. Otherwise it is nothing but headaches. Or worst damaged hardware.
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  5. I want to clarify my jumper situation. I have one jumper on my board, it's 3 pins. Pin 1-2 = Normal Mode. "BIOS uses current config and passwords for booting" Pin 2-3 = Configure Mode. "After POST runs, Setup starts and displays the Maintenance menu. This menu displays options for setting the processor speed and clearing passwords" (jumper removed) = Recovery Mode. "BIOS recovers data from a recovery diskette" *By "this is a good time to clear the CMOS" I am assuming you mean by replacing the battery? Because if the jumper is in normal position first like you suggest, there is no way to clear CMOS other than replacing the battery. There is no devoted 2 pin jumper to clear CMOS like I've had on previous MOBO's. There is only the 3 pin set I've mentioned. -------------------- And at this point I am only trying 1 stick of RAM at a time of course. The floppy cable was connected correctly. I forgot I have a second video card (same exact type though). I'll try both in different PCI slots now that we have clues that video might be the issue. I originally had my video card in PCI slot 1, next to the AGP slot, so that is interesting that you say NOT to do that. The kind of annoying thing is this super "sweet" custom build case from 1999 only has punch-out type back panels. So it looks like I will just have a bunch of empty slots in the back of my case. oh well. War is Hell. I will buy a AGP card that predates my motherboard to avoid compatibility issues hopefully. And I will buy a new Battery too. (The manual states the battery lasts 7 years with constant use. How long do they last sitting idle? I have no idea. I will replace it none-the-less. I assumed if the battery failed I would get a beep code for that like the manual states.)
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  7. I hope you get your retro build working. make sure you replace the battery with a new battery and you don't try to start the system with jumpers set incorrectly.
  8. Get yourself a decent 350W power suply and try using it instead of the 250W one you now have. This is not a very longshot, those old power suplies were far from reliable, if compared with the ones we have now.
  9. Unplug the power supply ( i mean unplug from the wall. Remove all of the expansion cards from the computer. take the battery out of the motherboard. Check to make sure the jumper for clear CMOS is in the default position and not to the reset cmos position. It most be normal operation setting. (this is a good time to clear the cmos) Remove all of the ram and insert only 1 ram stick in. Replace battery. Insert the PCI video card into PCI slot 3 or 4. not the slot next to the agp. Make sure that it is firmly inserted. Plug in monitor cable. Switch on power supply. Try to turn on the computer. If this doesn't work try another VGA card. Get a new Battery. Make sure the floppy is install correctly. The bend in the ribbon cable should be plugged into the floppy with the bend more on the left side not the right side.
  10. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

  11. First regular/weekly KM-Goanna release with known pre-release bugs fixed. https://o.rthost.cf/kmeleon/KM-Goanna-20171215.7z Changelog: Out-of-tree change: - update Goanna3 to git rev 92ca83173 1998c9c5..e2867829: - regen jsbridge files (5ca2ae6) - Update for Goanna (2ff1f9c) - Update ClearCache to cache2 API (6d2b3c2) - privacy: Update for cache2 API (746d1d4) - adapt mozilla.patch for Goanna 3 (85cf101) - Goanna xulrunner-sdk patch (a418371) - Goanna old resource:/// behavior patch (optional) (7414c8f) - Gestures: remove GDI+ drawing (cfc9d23) - add winEmbed to build (c992abb) - Fix: CanCopy() always returns true, use !IsSelectionCollapsed() instead. (d772af1) - winEmbed: Add Enter key "Go" function in ComboBox. (3a0d2e0) - update default prefs (fa9b565) - update app default prefs (75992d2) - don't use MOZILLA_BUILDID (bd6ba75) - console2: truncate long source line (e08e4ee) - Trying to fix About Cache Info (80304c1) - ditch super-long filename and let user enter new name instead (a32244b) - maybe just truncate at 240th char instead? (8b1dd6c) - gestures: tab to 4 spaces (ebec8bb) - gestures: prevent detecting gestures over plugin window (a797fe6) - adblock: add adblock to build (6508914) - adblock: fix link lib path for my environment (69839d9) - kmHelper: update to 76RC2 (9d81050) - kmHelper: add UserAgentOverrides support (dc86c5c) - adblock: exclude unused part from compilation, add missing return paths (3c48801) - bump KMELEON_VERSION (b366a79) - improve Copy Link Text (e286782)
  12. AIM Has Been Shut Down 15th Decemeber 2017

    Yes it is disconnected now for good. Fortunately, all the history still remains so I can go back to read conversations going back years because the client saves those logs.
  13. As far as i understood your MB specification, it use strict settings "AGP video" or "PCI video" during boot (not "AGP first" or "PCI first" as some other MoBos do). And the default setting is "AGP". So, you may be right. I hope that your build will start normally with an AGP video card installed. You may also try to test your PCI video card in a modern build (supporting PCI) as a second video card. To be sure that it isn't the cause.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I have two VGA monitors. Both work and can be tested with my laptop. So I'm assuming the bios isn't recognizing the PCI video card. I'll order an AGP card within a day and go from there, maybe an older PCI too who knows...
  15. "1 long 2 short" beeps mean "video card failure". Some video cards report failure if a display isn't found. So, it may mean display or cable failure also.
  16. I find that, in Windows 10, Windowblinds themes do not always give consistent effects - the last time I used it, there was much greater difference between the titlebars of various kinds of Windows applications than was the case if I used Glass8. That said, Stardock's proprietary engine does work on all the versions of Windows 10 released thus far, likely thanks to the fact that they are less dependent on Microsoft code than Glass8. And there's nothing mysterious about wba themes. They're just zip files that could be 'dismantled' with any old archiving application.
  17. I have the new processor and floppy drive installed! The previous beep code is alleviated due to the correct FSB speed. There is still no display. The keyboard Num/Caps/Scroll lock lights now respond to input. But I am greeted by a new beep code: 1-2. The description is: "search for option ROMS. One long two short beeps on checksum failure" - so I assume this is some bios/firmware issue. I have 8 DIMMS to play with that are two different types. I tried various DIMM slots with 1 stick at a time with no luck. I also tried switching the mobo jumper from set-up back to normal and back to set-up mode again. I made a floppy boot disk and followed the instructions carefully. I tried the jumper position in normal then set-up mode. This resulted in the same 1-2 beep code, followed by a pause and 2 more beeps with the boot disk present. I find this odd because the 2 beeps should indicate that a bios recovery has finished... However, when I actually take the jumper off completely to try the bios recovery mode procedure I actually get no beeps whatsoever. I should have just already bought an AGP card... I swear if I could have seen a bios screen this whole time...
  18. XP Embedded Updates

    Ya all of that stuff is in the thread he linked you. We have been doing the same thing that you just provided us in that thread now for a long while.
  19. Yup, Window Blinds is still the same old bloat machine it has always been. The thing is Window Blinds serves their themes from within their software, which is why Window Blinds runs in the system tray whereas a "true" third party custom theme is served from the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder, like they should be. Starbloat serves their themes from within the software and uses the .wba extension with the idea they can keep Window Blinds themes sort of "proprietary", meaning their themes have to have Window Blinds to run and will not run without it, that is until someone can figure how to dismantle a .wba theme that can be ported to msstyle, when and if that happens, Starbloat will probably sink, nothing is impossible, all it takes is one or a group of people on a mission to figure it out. They thought they cornered the market when Start8 could skin the taskbar, that was until we got Tihly to get StartIsBack to do the same thing and IMO StartIsBack does it better. There are only about 5% of the total Window Blind themes I would like to see ported, the rest I can leave behind, the only Window Blind theme artist IMO that makes the ONLY worthwhile themes for Window Blinds is neone6, this guy makes some badassed themes, I really wish the guy would jump ship and start designing msstyle themes, there is some real talent there and it's being wasted.
  20. Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    Windows XP has been spotted on the local news (Fox Rochester) No picture, it was just probably stock footage from years ago, as it showed the old Google logo.
  21. Modern Browser Project 2018

    brain I modified sources making it able to be compiled with VC2003 for my environment, and then changed some codes to avoid using APIs not available in NT4.

    Welcome to MSFN! Have a good time and yes, we do discourage shouting. It's hard on our ears (and perhaps our eyes too? I'll have to check on that one. )
  23. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Installed December's Security updates. Everything running good, no problems to report. Windows6.0-KB4047170-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB4052303-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB4053473-x86.msu IE9-Windows6.0-KB4052978-x86.msu
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  25. Modern Browser Project 2018

    What did you use to port firefox 3.6 onto NT 4.0?
  26. Nice find @Bersaglio. I was just preparing to download it. And after reading this post, quick registry search showed that I already got it, thanks to informations on this page, probably.
  27. What Are You Listening To?

    Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (Extended Remix) (1987)
  28. Artificial AMD driver block on Windows 8.0

    Did you find the solution to the problem? Did messing with DALNonStandardModesBCD entries help? I guess you could compare the full list in registry after each driver is installed and maybe use the list from the older driver if it's really connected to that for some reason. But it seems strange that the default resolution list would make the whole thing crash on one OS but not the other. Would be good to know if monitor's native resolution ends up on it. DALNonStandardModesBCD# entries can be edited with Registry Editor after the driver is installed, one could boot the OS with just the basic driver, then search for DALNonStandardModes, they should be in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000. The 0000 might differ on systems with multiple graphics cards installed or if just the driver is installed but the card is not present. The format is quite simple, it's a sequence of resolutions and refresh rates, spread through multiple entries, I have 4. I've also noticed with various drivers for older cards that the default entries can differ. They can be used to add custom resolutions, I use it to add 1440x1080 resolution to the list by adding: 14 40 10 80 00 00 00 60 It's not encoded and can be read like you read any plain number on the paper. In Registry Editor, each mode ends up in its own line, so it's easier to read from there. So the first four bytes are width x height, followed by 3 zero bytes and finally the refresh rate. Not sure about the higher numbers, I guess you use last two bytes for higher refresh rates. My hardware is not that fancy so I can't try to see. Interestingly, some resolutions in my list have refresh rate set to zero. Under normal circumstances, changes can be tested just by disabling and re-enabling graphics card in Device Manager.
  29. Reminder: Today is the last day AIM is online. Your AIM data will be deleted according to their FAQ.
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