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  2. Antivirus for xp?

    thank you all for your input. greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks everyone just donated now waiting for the email:) One more thing after installing aero glass do I have to do something else to make my window glass like transparent? I have seen uxtheme patcher what's that for?
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  5. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    @Dibya Once you've released your compiled Firefox 55 build, I'd like to mirror it in my XP end of life directory. I am trying to keep this directory specifically for the most recent version of software available for XP.
  6. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    So for HTML5 video, 2K needs to be upgraded enough to use the XP Firefox solution. Makes sense, Thanks @Tommy!
  7. Rename File With Current Date? (Batch File?

    I am always use Batch Rename Files Tool that allows you to quickly rename all the files in a specified directory. You can easily found hier BatchRenameFiles.org.
  8. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Seriously, it seems like you want *someone else* to help you fix your issue BUT you do not provide the basic info needed and asked for. Not necessarily the info asked for will actually be enough to get this kind of assistance, let alone guarantee a success, but surely without this info NOONE (among those actually capable of providing meaningful assistance) will be able to provide that. All you will get this way will be either nothing or half-botched suggestions by clueless people. Standard Litany, please: https://web.archive.org/web/20160604095422/http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jonathan.deboynepollard/FGA/problem-report-standard-litany.html jaclaz
  9. Antivirus for xp?

    I use clamwin on all my computers. Very lightweight, but no real time scanning.
  10. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Advanced Chrome is perfectly stable on both of my computers that i have it on. @TrevMUNPerhaps you are using some weird and buggy add-on?
  11. Hey Folks: On Windows 8.1, there is the /resetbase switch that was designed to remove all older replaced components in the WinSxS folder. Windows 8 cannot do this. Now I tried DISM++ (sorta like Ccleaner) which can do this for the component store, but only if you have Windows 8.1 or higher. Does anyone know of a tool or method that CAN reset the base components to the latest installed? on Windows 8?
  12. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    On Windows 10 mobile, for example, you cannot play Flash games from within the browser, however, you can download many of them from the store - which means getting some web wrapper and playing them from within the app. Dunno how this works. Besides, I'm observing some things retro gaming/ emulation scene, and I have no doubt that someone is working to preserve flash games. Many of them were single player, so you can run them from local drives, so for this keeping older browser for this purpose +some internet archive would be enough.
  13. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Seriously don't be a joke, i'm serious i want to fix my issue.
  14. What should I install?

    Hi roytam1, thanks for your reply. I still have IE 5.0 installed (cause I always use Firefox). So I need to install IE 6 and a hotfix. Where can I find this hotfix on microsoft.com? Can you please give me the correct link?
  15. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    > the browser is liable to crash in a bizarre way: it will first attempt to open a new window, entirely unprompted, and then crash. This could be AC detecting an internal error and attempting to open an error dialog, only to crash in that attempt as well. If Dibya's system is using Extended Kernel, it must be averting the original problem.
  16. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Ah well, that explains the issue. I also suspect that your XP was NOT originally installed on a full moon by a virgin[1]. Anyway, since my crystal ball is in the shop (again) for tuning and Tarots are so imprecise, you can have an I-Ching answer just now (much earlier than 2000 years): #19 Lin: http://www.psychic-revelation.com/reference/i_l/i_ching/hexagram19.html jaclaz [1] this not among the requirements by MS, but usually helps.
  17. That could be done, albeit with some difficulty and hacks, in XP/2k. The issue with this is that the version of Gecko that we're using has absolutely no support for <video>. What I could probably eventually do is add a "RZ Companion" program or NPAPI plugin that sends YouTube links to an external player. (Like you could do with VLC on modern Windowses)
  18. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    now i should wait for 2000 years for a answer. (I'm not being racist)
  19. Antivirus for xp?

    Microsoft Security Essentials is no longer supported with XP, 4.4.304 is the latest version for XP. You can download it but automatic updating doesn't work, you need to manually update it, Or just install POSReady 2009 Registry Hack to get security updates for XP and it will make Automatic Virus definitions updating for MSE working.
  20. Just go to the bottom left corner of the page and click on the link below From there you can login using the information that you got in the email when you made your donation
  21. That first key should be instant, that 30 days thing is there just to prevent people from abusing that regenerating keys thing. Without that in place, one could possibly just regenerate the keys as they please, and thus use one key with multiple computers.
  22. yea i am not gonna use the same on multiple system and 30 Days to get the new Keys? thats a long time but usually how much time it will take to get the key after 1st donation
  23. Yup i have already read that but what i dont get is on which site i get linked and from where i can generate the keys? as i cant find any option to login on his site
  24. Antivirus for xp?

    A powerful firewall is extremely important if you wish to keep system away from bad guys. https://www.privacyware.com/personal_firewall.html This firewall may not be a well known one like zone alarm or comodo but it does very good job. Try to modify any system files it will block. It will warn when critical system settings are changed then you can revert it back . Most common malware behaviour are also blocked. Including ransomewares.
  25. Antivirus for xp?

    Personally, i use Comodo Internet security
  26. As se text said, most of the questions are answered in the donation page. You can use same donation in multiple machines, but not in the same time. You need to deactivate your current activation and use your new computer to generate a new donation key, and if I remember correctly it takes 30 days until you can use the same donation to generate that new donation key. So it is possible to have only one donation key and use it to register aero glass for multiple computers, but not in the same time.
  27. Antivirus for xp?

    sounds good, ty Dibya.
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